Fleetwood Mac

While most bands undergo a number of changes over the course of their careers, few groups experienced such radical stylistic changes as Fleetwood Mac. Initially conceived as a hard-edged British blues combo in the late '60s, ... Read more
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Unspoken Words In My Life. (stuff I wish I could have said)
They most likly won't see this. Everyone can relate to atleast one of these songs
25 6 SultanOfSwing
Happy Song Mix
A lot of happy songs if someone needs some cheering up!
126 2 TheIntimindator27
"And in that moment, I swear we were infinite."
A list of songs mentioned in one of my favorite books, "The Perks Of Being A Wallflower."
20 4 XNeverMind
Music Madness 2014
64 0 mike
Break the Chains
9 0 Sue866
I Miss You
Unrequited love. The subject that no one can ever stop singing about. That's why this mixtape brings you all the best, from "I Can't Stand Y...
83 2 sXe LEXXI
I recently went through a breakup, and made a playlist to listen to sum it up. Its a combo of the typical sad songs, with some hopeful song...
30 8 mmf28
Get Some Game
23 0 princessdistress
Songs for the lonely, heartbroken, and wrathful.
15 1 SirenSongofSadness
This goes out to all you hipocronites. Don't dish or act out what you can't take yourself:)
Scott Pilgrim OST (Deluxe Edition)
Combines the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World soundtrack and the "Scott 5 Playlist" from Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe.
21 2 JohnnyLurg
Love Sux
I dont know..what is my mixtape?
14 0 loveJungleBoogy
28 0 l0vefool
The words I cannot speak
14 0 wallflower87
Sandy Beach
A compilation that really sums me up. The intended audience is thinkers and idealists and pariahs and those who are "different"; those who ...
147 2 syndetic
30 0 whoshat
Karem's ultimate Mixxx
about everything and nothing at all
20 2 MrsNitro
Smeeessseeeee cheeseeeeeeey
Cheese. Cheddar. My favourite :)
19 0 Krissywoo
50 Favorite
work inspired by the lyrical word
27 0 ai9652
Building a Mystery
13 0 rjotaduran
Breaking Up
Moving right along.
4 0 naxos
Thinking about...
96 0 bahamadeh1
listen to this music Volume 3
Yet another volume. Yeah.
23 3 iforgetwhat8wasfor
Ultimate Mix
The best songs.
4 0 sleepyjoshua
99% is shit
23 1 whoshat
All Time Favorites
17 0 OnlineParasite
Sunny mood
A mix of pop, reggae, funk, folk and alternative rock that tries to fight the 'Rainy Mood' hype.
14 0 maxico44
Awesome 80's
This mix is, like, totally bitchin'.
241 0 Mellow_Harsher
miss you
It's a collection of songs that remind me of someone close in my heart, but hours away.
10 0 ibsulon
Post Grad Blues
Songs of solace and perspective for the time of loneliness, alienation, and insecurity we know as "after graduating from college."
4 0 drewfromNKY
Sticky Keys
3 0 Tater_Tot
Bipolar Opposites Volume 1
A little something for every mood you may be in.
30 0 EverythingandNothing
the eggs
“It reminds me of that old joke- you know, a guy walks into a psychiatrist's office and says, hey doc, my brother's crazy! He thinks he's ...
52 0 dointhisbymyself
The post-you world
Heartbreak; regret.
16 0 glowinthedark
das tedden's favourites
113 1 dastedden
I came up with a compilation of songs that make me think after a relationship ends. My most recent one ended a few months ago and it has got...
25 0 harderman61
cool songs :)
7 0 SJb123
Songs That Will Never Get Old
I could listen to these songs over and over. Best songs ever written!
36 2 Fifi834
Sometimes it sinks. You fall right in and hopelessly flail about.
11 0 ai9652
One big eye
18 0 steven1205
Who's been wronged?
Just songs that make me feel.
7 0 Paigielena
Alex's mixtape
A selection of some of my favourite songs.
4 0 JrnyFan4Life
11 0 Jento113
listen to this music
30 0 iforgetwhat8wasfor
Father Passing
Songs dedicated to the memory of my father who just passed on... I miss you dearly. He has gone on to be with Mom and is happy now.
19 2 Sue866
Lamia and Other People Volume I
30 1 hecatetrivia
The best friend I've ever had has changed her entire personality. I can understand that; her mother died just months ago in a plane crash. B...
50 0 IsoldeGS
26 0 whoshat
20 2 boufantgirl
Vivian and Lamia
18 0 hecatetrivia
1 0 LyricalHarmony
Lamia Volume I
Songs that fit my character Lamia!
30 0 hecatetrivia
wanna see each other again?
songs for the vanished and faded away
54 6 kirs10
8 0 CaptainMorgan
Quinn Volume 1
22 0 bestdamntapper
Ethan Birthday
5 0 TheCircusFolk
Lamia and Hannibal Volume I
Lamia and her soulmate
30 0 hecatetrivia
Lamia and Her Enemies Volume I
Self explanatory~
30 0 hecatetrivia
14 0 hecatetrivia
Classic Rock
7 3 iamfantastikate
words that heal, words that hurt
pretty self-explanatory.
11 1 cultjam
Stuff To Open The Mind
My classic rock fancies made this playlist for whenever you need a little mind-churning.
13 0 FanOfFans88
Follow Your Heart
This mix of songs is about being patient and understanding that your true self lies within your heart. Life is full of so many twisted roads...
11 0 innerbeauty92
Illustrating the relationship between Buffy and Spike. As it was, as it is, as it will ever be. (WIP)
12 0 misco
Songs That Make You Think
Just songs that really make you think about what you're listening to.
10 0 sarahsarahs
The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
All songs referenced in the novel "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" by Stephen Chbosky..
21 1 floatingswans
Lovely songs when you're feeling miserable
13 1 Marleentje
Love Songs
well...love songs
4 0 livilulu26
6 0 ThisGirlSara
Songs to Memorise
20 0 kaseye
April 2012
13 0 abasketcase1992
Fundamental laws of the universe
(as we understand them)
16 0 kirs10
This playlist is for everyone who is going through the ups and downs and needs encouragement :) We cannot go through transitions alone :)
6 2 innerbeauty92
Instant Classics
Just some songs/tracks that I love. Ones that resonate with emotions, feelings and how one feels overall. Hopefully more think the same....
15 0 RickyRicardo18
Little Talks
Songs that lift you up... in a bittersweet, downtrodden way
14 0 derekdavalos
Rhea and Her Enemies
1 0 hecatetrivia
All about the bass
Songs with a solid bass rhythm.
14 0 CaptainPugwash
What am I even doing?
Hello, world. It's me.
32 0 kirs10
Songs i am falling in love with on my newly acquired turntable
2 0 achair
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