Florence + the Machine

Hailing from South London, Florence Mary Leontine Welch writes songs that occupy the same confessional territory as gossip-loving, genre-bending contemporaries like Amy Winehouse, Kate Nash, Adele, and Lily Allen and the ... Read more
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Let me know what you think it's missing
I am making this playlist to give to a girl and want feedback
16 20 salvatorevalestra
Happy Song Mix
A lot of happy songs if someone needs some cheering up!
126 2 TheIntimindator27
No negativity allowed! These songs are all purely positive. Perfect for these last few days of 2013 and a fresh new golden year! Features ...
12 1 ElectraHeart2000
Breezy Autumn Day Songs
Just a collection of stuff that I'll listen to if I'm hiking or walking, leaves falling around me. Some softer music that vaguely reminds me...
19 5 indiexchick
sequenced so as to make as little sense as is possible
55 2 monokhromenite
Worst songs ever.
Songs that made me want to punch myself in the face.
15 10 XNeverMind
Songs to Ponder
These are just songs that make me think.
11 0 OnlineParasite
30 10 Injera
Keep Calm and Carry On
Love, Lust, Lies, and Losing
34 0 theCaliLove
music that keeps me going.
just a collection of music that i have come to love. annnd i am biased, but i think everyone should love it too :)
15 0 GirlFromOhio
Songs about him
14 0 candelap
27 8 Injera
indie picks and songs i can relate to
these songs calm me down when im going through a tough time. i can relate to some of these songs and they make any day a good day for me :) ...
11 1 mssparkles
One Lost Love Older
After the fallout, the soggy tissues and the walls punched, the blanket of comfort - in the form of wistful music - wraps itself around me.
18 1 musicgypsy
Human Blanket
29 0 fallon
Best New Indie/Rock
16 0 lynnthepin
I'm an extraordinary machine.
Songs that make me feel better about myself, or just happy in general.
18 0 goodgollymissmolly
30 1 SonnyKamp
Panoramic Stitching
It isn't about one particular thing;) It's the accumulative happenings that occur over several years and the feelings associated with those ...
17 0 Anji66
make me feel alive
songs that make me get goosebumps in a thrilling & exciting way.... usually the band's live performance & vocals.... something strong for m...
16 0 lichka
My favourites
This mixtape contains a variation of different types of genres.
30 1 Lewie9021
the Age of Dens
Smoke filled rooms with the sound of typewriter bangs, soulful hymns from sinful lips, with the feverish midnight scratching of pens. A home...
3 0 theCaliLove
Love Can Kiss My Ass!
It is dedicated to all those who have loved and been hurt.
8 4 pinkPUNKpussycat
Florence and Vampire Weekend
This is pretty much a mixtape with songs from Florence + The Machine and Vampire Weekend. They are 2 of my favorite bands, So i decided to m...
21 1 Inkabel247
I'm not the one
Heartbreak, being dumped, longing for the one you love to come back, all that crap.
11 0 Fleah06
For him
10 0 KateMasen
My Chill Mix
A cool mix I made for my girlfriend a while back, also one I can just relax to. This one is really moody, dark, and even sad- my kind of mus...
15 3 TtotheJ279
broken, lost and confused
28 0 Postmark
18 0 littlehead
Karem's ultimate Mixxx
about everything and nothing at all
20 2 MrsNitro
Cosmic and Pitiful
I made this for my mom-she asked me for a playlist that personified the words Cosmic and Pitiful. It's a good one :)
17 0 marybethkins
Songs for Right now
I just wanted to document the songs I am into RIGHT now. Jan - March 2012
14 1 Gefm
Therian Mix
All songs that remind me of therianthropy.
7 2 EchiWolf
jamzzzzz and shittt
13 0 shannakett99
21 0 mremix
♥ Volume 2
26 0 ghostthefestivals
summer/fall 2010
Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved country music. Then she grew up and discovered rock. Now she knows what good music really...
9 0 Johannahlee
Hail to the Thief
A playlist for a girl who could've stole your heart but went for the wallet instead.
14 0 heyagentk
I miss you
When you really want the one that got away to come back and you miss them
24 1 UnicornTit
Music I Love (more than other music)
Music that I love even more than other songs that I still love.
24 1 fishtail11
my perfect ipod
This would be my perfect ipod.
17 2 elizabethlouise
Crazy Girl Mixtape
Music about one theme - a girl who's neurotic and depressed and manic and reckless and probably drunk, all at the same time. And this is her...
5 0 DieBarbieDie
30 0 DreamingOfRainbowButterflies
Falling Volume 1
- to accompany an Itunes playlist.
30 0 emiml
My Music
27 0 Dragoniss
- to accompany an Itunes playlist.
30 0 emiml
*happy songs*
Songs that make me happy :)
12 0 RockPoes
as winter comes
all is well and i become melancholic
8 0 highway
to heather.
you're no teenage icon but you're pretty rad and i like you.
174 3 vriska
Reminding, Rewinding
Pretty, moving songs if you're feeling vulnerable.
10 0 elyse69
30 1 Injera
30 0 ghostthefestivals
Arthur/Ariadne tape
Um. These are some songs that remind me of Arthur and Ariadne from Inception. Mainly for my ff friends. Don't flame.
9 0 Heyitsjoss
Then Sings My Soul
My absolute favorite songs
26 0 hayleymae222
the love of my life...
9 3 XtraELITE
StreetSing. Volume 1
23 3 SonnyKamp
All Time Favorites
17 0 OnlineParasite
Fall, Be Kind (et al...)
12 0 any_colour.you_like
Badfishmuser's Happy Nostalgia Mix
Eclectic mix that should bring a smile to your face, I sincerely hope. Always growing as I remember songs that I enjoy and discover. Forgiv...
30 2 badfishmuser
Well now. This is much easier than sticky notes.
6 0 itakeyoursouls
Fall 2010
13 0 mdurante
Uplifting Songs =)
Exactly what it says on the tin.
8 1 WannabePunkEmoKid
The Idealist
33 0 dielittlehero
pretty much a mix of music.
41 1 MsRogueAngel
My Favorite Songs :)
Songs That Pick Me Up When I Feel Down.
10 6 hazeleyes504
I Likee
3 0 midnight1angel
Lower than deep
7 0 DenisuLuisu
Songs that include wolves or werewolves.
4 4 BlackMagdalena
thejaguarchick's MIXTAPE
This is just a a few of my favourite songs. I love a mix of genres so I created this.
21 0 thejaguarchick
8 0 carolyn6285
Summer/Spring 2012
Summer/Spring 2012 Playlist
30 0 Postmark
I am a writer and artist... When I create I like to get into a certain mood. The songs here are ones that I listen too to get into that Cath...
7 3 Aztrid
Missy Elliot
you tell me
4 1 SongMeaningsNow
Songs which I listen to when chilling, surfing the internet.
67 2 csillaT
Sometimes it sinks. You fall right in and hopelessly flail about.
11 0 ai9652
Alice and her Wonderland
39 4 Sue866
almost lover project
Songs I used to or currently identify with in relation with an almost romance, my first love.
3 0 kappa
Letter A:)
Songs That I Love That Begin With The Letter .... Or Artists That Begin With Letter A
3 3 hazeleyes504
13 0 legz1212
Valentine's Day 2012
A playlist I made of a few love songs on Valentine's Day of this year.
11 4 EnduringChill
Any song that's really got me thinking, or given me a sudden inspiration to do something, write something, make something.
2 0 loony211
Florence and the Machine
10 0 mdurante
2 0 ruuthewhale
Songs With Meanint
Its just songs that i think have a deeper meaning than moat people think.
2 0 malina5432no
3 0 NessaSirfalas
The best friend I've ever had has changed her entire personality. I can understand that; her mother died just months ago in a plane crash. B...
50 0 IsoldeGS
10 5 shazillionz
Fine, more beats.
To stop brooding.
8 0 Zowy
we are cruising part 1: hold on honey
a playlist to cruise in the city...
5 0 iamephraim
Catchy Songs
5 0 woonona
For You
2 0 cupcakepirate
And Never Look Back
Maybe this time I won't wake from the dream.
12 0 davidecoyote
Coastally Reminiscent
5 0 daughtersalix
destial soundtarck
7 0 saum4
My Songsies
It's about the songs that I love, that inspire me, that keep me going.
1 1 MariLuv
1 0 Dr_Pepper
Boost-up song
Songs that lift my spirit and help me to keep moving forward :)
6 0 shiccae
Wolf Pack
Teen Wolf. The good times, the bad times. The claws and fangs. The arrows and baseball bats. The Hale Line Sass, the McCall Fam Drive, the A...
36 2 theCaliLove
dog days by florence and the machiene
This song is weird but interesting to me, so thats why im putting this on song meanings. In the song it can sound like she's talking to you ...
2 0 vshirley16
6 1 jojojet
Songs about how sad it is to write songs.
3 0 ofnothing
If Limbo had music...
You know the black and white game Limbo(2010)? Cool and creepy game! What if the game had a soundtrack? This mixtape is what I reckon the ga...
4 0 thejaguarchick
25 0 alphapeyt
My Favs
56 0 lukasb.
A Court of mist and Fury
ACOMAF by Sarah J. Maas
2 0 rattlethestars
3 0 tinierthanthou
Just Another Mixtape
A collection of songs I posted on my blog.
7 0 mimi0711
just some of my favorites!
27 0 smileylyz
For you, Jessey.
1 0 ColorMeClueless
Only the greatest
just my favorite songs! :)
12 1 16mkay
Best Friend Songs <3
My best friend and I's favorites.
4 0 alphapeyt
Gabriel's Voice
1 0 thehemlock
Great alternative songs
10 0 WholeHart
songs that makes cry
words that touched me to the core
7 0 virginia_ateh
1 0 paulinebaileydawes
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