Sara Bareilles

A gifted songwriter and a versatile pianist with no formal training, Sara Bareilles burst onto the pop scene with a naturally skilled voice that ranged from powerful and soulful to sweet and gentle, earning her instant ... Read more
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Happy / Inspirational - PLS ADD SONGS!!
Songs about happiness, having a good day and songs about being strong and staying positive.
50 3 bflo4833
Mardy Bum
13 20 4Little5Little6LittleIndians
Keep Calm and Carry On
Love, Lust, Lies, and Losing
34 0 theCaliLove
For a certain brown-eyed beauty.
2 10 intoexile
break up songs
songs that you'd still wanna listen to even though gives you pain, and makes you miss the person even more
6 0 l0vefool
Summer Haze
Made for a self centered girl who messed with my heart... But I meant it at the time.
17 0 nat3060
I'm Yours pt. 2
30 1 Meguca
30 1 SonnyKamp
moving on without you
this is da songs dat ive been listening since i found my strength back. like wat, one of da song said..i thought he was gonna b my husband i...
12 0 naj
Songs that are about my feelings after the break up of my 6 year relationship. Its like therapy listening to them.
14 1 chriszun
My SoundTrack at the Moment
16 2 CindzSingz
Xmas 2010
Christmas music for this year (:
35 0 lexin3d
Road trip
Just slow or calming or fun songs that I would like to play in my car while driving to a far away holiday destination
11 0 Bellzy
<3 broken
10 0 GingrAle
be brave
fight song and brave
2 0 CocoaPuffs11
as winter comes
all is well and i become melancholic
8 0 highway
On my way
So, this is just a bunch of songs that really means a lot to me, and they help me get through everything... Because really, where would we b...
30 0 BlameTheCaffeine
pretty much a mix of music.
41 1 MsRogueAngel
Love is a fight, you fight for it, you fight to forget and you fight a lot near the end of it.
8 0 fwagner
Speak Up ... or Not
Songs that are about the gift and curse of being silent.
33 2 Sue866
Chinese Food
29 2 shelleyesko
..because I like the company.
Those Sundays when you wonder why you drink so much, it is just ruining your life. But it'll be the same next weekend.
9 0 Dylanology
Songs I Dig Now
songs that make me feel something.
5 0 silentsea
26 0 whoshat
Joy Passing
12 0 taterbug1723
Boost-up song
Songs that lift my spirit and help me to keep moving forward :)
6 0 shiccae
Songs I Need to Memorize
Just any random song I need to know by now.
18 0 mcrot
From Where I Stand
A few of my favourite songs.
18 0 invictus14
Because the heart has reasons that reason knows nothing of...
23 0 anagirl
Anywhere You Want
24 0 TheArtful2342
1 0 drsltfl
Songs To Get You Over It
46 0 pacingpoet
Pink Rabbits
This is for anyone and everyone who has experienced heartbreak or broken hearts.
13 0 tyty2006
Pathetic Fallacy
7 1 aypapii
Boyfriend #5
12 0 Sue866
Songs with Meaning
These are songs that have a special meaning to me. Maybe others will find one song from here that has a special meaning to them as well.
3 0 WaltzStreet
What Other Guy...
The end of a long term "relationship" with a man who was almost the man of my dreams.
3 0 katelamark
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