Arctic Monkeys

By distilling the sounds of Franz Ferdinand, the Clash, the Strokes, and the Libertines into a hybrid of swaggering indie rock and danceable neo-punk, Arctic Monkeys became one of the U.K.'s biggest bands of the new ... Read more
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Music Madness 2014
64 0 mike
El Sol de Amor
The theme is simple, translated: The Sun of Love. Thus, it contains songs that bring thoughts of sunshine and/or love to mind. Hardly compre...
62 0 MaksMusic
Music to Know
Indie power pop, Alternative rock, and Indie songs you know or should know...
12 1 IndieHippie
This is for you, Corinthia Ivey Brenner. I love you. If you see this, then this is goodbye. I'm off to paint a pretty picture with the conte...
15 4 BlandLavender
30 10 Injera
My Workout Mix
This is the mix I use when I'm in the gym. Some fast paced, with a strong beat for cardio, and other stuff for strength/endurance training.
12 0 Nataliexo
unicorns and butterflies
just some songs that make you smile, instant happiness in a few minutes. :)
22 1 tochinawithlove
Miserable Times
This mixtape is about the time after breakup, when the guy wants to go back to the girl and begs her to accept him but she doesn't say anyth...
6 2 devesh1000
Nothing Special Volume 1
Just a mix of a few things both new and familiar to me.
27 5 BreakingTradition
I'm not the one
Heartbreak, being dumped, longing for the one you love to come back, all that crap.
11 0 Fleah06
USA vs UK: The ultimate Smackdown!
Both countries' music have influenced and changed each other. This is the smackdown between these two brilliant music nations. Who is the be...
12 1 willc93
summer/fall 2010
Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved country music. Then she grew up and discovered rock. Now she knows what good music really...
9 0 Johannahlee
I want to curl up inside of you and just stay.
8 0 morikid
20 4 pacer135
Air hockey in the basement full of endless nick nacks.
When the Garage scene hit in 2000 I was 11. Man those were GOOD times. Endless days at my friends house we'd play in her basement full of id...
10 1 Defanie
Feeling Gloomy Too
I created a playlist for a club night called Feeling Gloomy. So pretty much every song on here has a negative or sullen mood. Mostly 80's st...
14 4 blinkxme
Songs that are etched in me forever, for the most various reasons.
17 0 cromwell31
to heather.
you're no teenage icon but you're pretty rad and i like you.
174 3 vriska
Favorites From Favorites
The songs that are my very favorites to listen to, for various reasons, from my favorite artists, who are brilliant in their craft of music.
2 0 Sunshineshine
Variety is the spice of life. Let me know your favourite song on my mixtape. There is something for everybody
30 4 chipporaider
this one is for the way my hands feel without you
10 0 MLIPh
On my way
So, this is just a bunch of songs that really means a lot to me, and they help me get through everything... Because really, where would we b...
30 0 BlameTheCaffeine
15 0 reuelreuel
decently epic soundtrack
Great music. recommend to add. or just get into great music.
15 0 wagseee
MixxyMixxyMixtape 1
Well, everything and nothing at all.
13 0 EccentricaG
8 0 Eldrowski
teve you kill me
6 0 astrophic
hstyles/ltomlinson innit .x
21 0 heybeth
Summer Mixtape for Panka
songs that i'm listening to lately for my dear friend
4 0 feathercanyons
Some Favorites
Compilation of songs that I absolutely adore
14 0 SleepyIndie
listen to this music
30 0 iforgetwhat8wasfor
Lost Love Songs
2 0 LostH
He might never feel the same
This is the mixtape I would have send to him if I had the courage to.
31 1 soul97
music I want Volume 1
Music I'd buy if I had more money
14 0 blummiii
My Alternative Compilation
A private alternative rock playlist.
7 1 Volodymyr
1977 * 1996 * 2013
14 0 yukbon
How I Feel About You
I've had the biggest crush on one of my best friends for a very long time, and music has helped me through the tougher times when he would u...
8 0 outofmymind
25 0 scratcher
Ein's Musical Taste
Hey people. I just registered on song meanings, so I want to show you what my musical taste is like. This list is something like my introduc...
13 1 Ein1
bus rides and walking in the rain
indie rock, artic monkeys, cure
7 0 saum4
31 0 fallforindie
Alternative Favorites
The music to these songs is just as incredible as the lyrics.
17 0 Angaliene
Songs Analyzed
Just a list of songs I commented on, giving my short interpretation of their lyrics. All of these have some of the best lyrics ever written,...
11 0 ironbison
Chill Vibes
2 0 flapjacks
Jams April 2015
Good jams
7 0 songbird48
For My Best Friend
Spent 3 months making this playlist.
12 1 TheBowser
5 0 ghttoblastr
Spring Break 2013!
13 0 XNeverMind
You're only 17!
10 0 peahen
24 0 ZebBilly
Nick Cave
12 0 ananemone
2 0 politedoge
Yea, these make me feel better.
songs that make a cloudy day a bit more sunnier.
34 0 sheeeeene
AM B-sides
1 0 slirandal
Arctic Monkeys
4 0 awesome17
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