LCD Soundsystem

LCD Soundsystem debuted with "Losing My Edge," a single that became one of the most talked-about indie releases of 2002. A self-effacing spoof of the outrageous pissing contests that often occur whenever music geeks cross ... Read more
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15 2 JeffKaos71
Music from The OC
I don't even watch the OC, but I've found out that apparently they play some pretty decent music on the show :)
57 1 indiexchick
Ballads of Love and Hate Vol. 2
This is an overflow of Vol. 1. Expect many more volumes to come.
30 0 littlehead
The Super Duper Fantastic Amazingly Terrific Uber-Stellar Adventure!
I do not know what this mixtape is supposed to be about. It can be a story or a random assortment of garbage. Whatever.. ya know?
14 4 Pieman1994
This is a list of the songs that got me through a long and hard recovery from a serious brain injury. The title comes from the titanium plat...
94 0 callianeira
A real mix CD I gave someone. No emo bullshit. No blatant songs about love. Just good music to listen to.
17 0 himynameisjuan
silver surfing...& some beach reggae! & grungy howl growl nights...
30 3 moonshadowbird396
2011 - Songs That Hit Home
Songs that really hit home in 2011. Maybe they didn't come out last year, but I discovered them last year, or else just began to appreciate ...
5 1 js51095
emptiness/dreaming Volume 7
i'm nothing. always was. always will be forever dreaming... Hey Babe, take a walk on the wild side... Hey Sugar, take a walk on the wild s...
30 0 moonshadowbird396
Primordial Soup, Origin of Life, Mineral to Animal to Vegetable (or Veg to Animal, but I don't think so); A set of songs about the sea (sou...
12 1 utsuprainfra
Get You There
25 1 fauxtwenny
30 0 mremix
A mixtape of things you feel when you call it splits with someone (or someone calls it splits with you?)
11 0 Rasio
22 0 mremix
First mix my girlfriend made for me. The woman has talent.
15 4 TtotheJ279
JOY man's land.....
30 4 moonshadowbird396
Pitchfork 2010
13 0 Dikkenbarry
My Own Personal Mix of my lifetime...L.S.D. Soundsystem. cause i feel like i've been tripping for too long now.....
18 3 moonshadowbird396
20 0 mremix
III part one
A huge two part mix I made for, you guessed it, the girlfriend. Note, I'm 99% sure Wretched Man is actually solo number by Marcus Mumford be...
18 1 TtotheJ279
LCD Soundsystem
the sound system...haha yeah dance punk!! & L.S.D!!!
21 4 moonshadowbird396
III part two
Part two of my big honkin' mix. SM has no entry for "Choices" by Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker so I swapped it out with "KIT", also by USS.
16 1 TtotheJ279
Canciones favoritas
20 0 Gavilan
Letras favoritas
9 0 Gavilan
All my friends
It's about all the amazing stuff I've been listening since I had the courage to leave home.
5 1 acolug
P&J Wedding.
This is a mixtape to compile the songs I want to make sure we remember to have played when I marry the sweet, dearest love of my life, my so...
2 1 arithmetik
Soul Food
random songs for random emotions on perfect times :]
2 0 ShirlzCurlz85
This Is Now
1 0 StrokeLuck
dance mix
some songs you should dance to...for your trials and tribulations...
3 0 moonshadowbird396
Music I like.
1 0 myrdas
25 1 jgess1
best songs of oh10
1 0 Quasinegro
11 0 kkmalone
Great Music No Matter Who You Are
This is a playlist I made for my teacher for high school. He enjoyed it so I had to share it with you guys. Lets see what you think ;D
14 1 TheBowser
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