Josh Ritter

While his name might not be on the tip of everyone's tongue in his homeland, folk-leaning singer/songwriter Josh Ritter has benefited from numerous positive reviews and a loyal fan base. Born in Idaho, Ritter bought his ... Read more
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I recently went through a breakup, and made a playlist to listen to sum it up. Its a combo of the typical sad songs, with some hopeful song...
30 8 mmf28
Just Good Music
the songs that resonate through mine and i think mosts' life
13 2 koolhandkyle
unicorns and butterflies
just some songs that make you smile, instant happiness in a few minutes. :)
22 1 tochinawithlove
Gold in the Air of Summer
This would be a collection of songs that have been circulating through my iTunes religiously this Summer.
15 0 PaintMeAnything
Love Is All
15 0 PaintMeAnything
It's the second in a series I'm making for a girl I know.
15 1 YawnyFlint
Theme Songs
16 0 iamblair
Running Mix
The songs I listen to while running.
21 0 JakobTischler
21 1 iamblair
Jakob's Favs
just for my own personal use, until SongMeanings actually implements the favorite feature.
30 0 JakobTischler
New Hampshire
Songs that remind me of New Hampshire <3
12 0 sharkfang12
One. Deep South.
I don't know the South--never been there. But this mixtape is what books, music, films and people have led me to expect of it....
3 0 Jenaleigh
Nice while it lasted.
4 0 erikoolaid
Smiling Just A Little Bit
16 0 thewordgetsaround
Mostly classic rock from the 70s/80s with a couple new songs I heard recently and Nat King Cole just cause I felt like it
22 0 uublog
trying to remember what city i know you from
running in to an old friend i haven't seen in awhile. i've been around the world, lived a full, interesting life and i'm here to tell you a...
10 0 joanthgoat
Jakob's Favs Vol. 2
1 0 JakobTischler
after the abyss
This is about a very long term relationship finally ending, and why.
6 0 saveyoursanity
Breakup mix to the flippin max
Well a few songs about breaking up because some time you just want something to relate to
4 0 lehsauce
my mixtape
5 0 xorachellynn
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