"L.I.F.E." as written by Louis M. Freeze, Larry Muggerud, Senen Reyes and Jerry Buddy Long....
Once again
We're back
It's the big bad Cypress Hill
You know what time it is

Whoop [Repeats]
Legalize it,
Cypress Hill advertise it
Legalize it, (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)
Cypress Hill advertise it
Advertise it!

[Chorus: B Real & Sen Dog]
Once Upon,
[B-Real singing]
Bugaboo L.I.F.E (Now Here it is )
Why, Why, Why (Bo Bo Bo Bo)
Cypress is still here
We're of those glad MCees
Still Puffin Weed, Weed
Why Diddely Why
Why, Why, Why

[B Real]
Never fucked like this
But I smoke blunts like this
People ask: Why you pull stunts like this?
Cause I believe in doing what I got' a
A lot' a people don't understand nada
The Mic burns
You was at
It turn's to a slaughter
You wanna think about chilling the fuck out,
You all gonna Top Allah, Pop collar,
Niggas, Latin Thungs
All my family love barillas
Beginners get pushed to back of the pack
Invented and lend out, without not a tech
You're on the top of the game
But you work on a name till one day
To put us in the walk of fame
Don't call a name to recall the fame
Eventually Dru is in the Hall of Fame
You know what the deal is,
You know what the heal is,
You know who the Real is,
You know what my skill is,

[Chorus: B Real and Sen Dog]

[Sen Dog]
I get mental
This ain't no pad and a pencil
Throw the microphone,
My only utensil
I tag the check, like I got nothing to lose (That's right)
I test myself, just to show up and prove
That C-Y-P-R-E-S-S
Got you funky, while I'm real deaf
Put it to the test, and you will confess
Soul Assassins is the best
Check it homeboy, got to spot cracking (cracking)
Six LP, from that ThugDogLatin
Turn the heat up, and keep it hot
Always give ya mo', and then thank
We got to freak the Hip Hop and the hot ride
I'm on to make shows and can't hide
Had first 'self titled', became an Idol
In a Sub town barrio

[Chorus: B Real and Sen Dog]

[Sen Dog]
Now Here it is
Bo Bo Bo Bo

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"L.I.F.E." as written by Louis M. Freeze Larry E. Muggerud

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, THE BICYCLE MUSIC COMPANY

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    General CommentI don't know who wrote these lyrics, but there are a lot of mistakes!

    The "never dies" bit at the start is wrong and should read "Cypress Hill advertise it" because a lot of their lyric are about cannabis, which they want legalised. They advertise the fact that they enjoy smoking the drug.

    The chorus I'm not sure of but sounds like "so I stay away from those bombaclat MC's" (apparently a Jamaican slang insult, like 'asswipe') "still they puffin' me weed"

    "Top Allah" - should be "Top Dollar"

    "Invented and lend out, without not a tech" What?! It should be "abandoned and left out without no attack"

    "Eventually Dru is in the Hall of Fame" - who is Dru? I think it should be "Eventually threw us in the Hall of Fame"

    "You know what my skill is" - It sounds like "You know where my steel is" to me - referring to his gun, probably tucked in his belt!

    "Throw the microphone, My homey get tensed up" - should be "chrome microphone, my only utensil" (this means he doesn't write down his rap lyrics, they just flow from his brain, out his mouth and into his shiney chrome microphone)

    "Put it to the sess" - "Put it to the test" makes more sense, don'tcha think?

    "and then thank" - "everything we got"

    "*Spanish* in a Sub town barrio" - "Back when the scene *something* sub-divided" (not sure about this one though)

    Hope someone actually pays attention to these corrections!
    russbuck100on July 07, 2008   Link

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