"Pimp On" as written by Frederick Taylor, Carl Terrell Mitchell, Todd Anthony Shaw and Premro Vonzellaire Smith....
Play on, play on, play on
Play on, play on, play on
Play on, play on, play on
To the players
Pimp on, pimp on, pimp on
Pimp on, pimp on, pimp on
Pimp on, pimp on, pimp on
To the players
Roll on, roll on, roll on
Roll on, roll on, roll on
Roll on, roll on, roll on
To the players
Ride on, ride on, ride on
Ride on, ride on, ride on
Ride on, ride on, ride on
To the players

For sure lil' one
Benz 600 on dubs my man
Playing TVs and DVs these niggas ain't playing
20 inch. change the paint I'll do that quick
Doing donuts in the Lam get your roll on slick
Bought a brand new car
Steering wheel in the middle
With the passenger side on both sides my nigga
Got a brand new Jag with a brand new Vet
Going to the MGM six to point nigga bet
Got a brand new house with my platinum mouth
Got 500 chicken and I'm fronting em' out
Got 5 bad bitches till' I turned em' out
Got 5 new cars till' I burnt em' out
I got a Rover with 8 size a Jag with 6
Got the matching Benz wagon with Lorenzo kit
Got a cell-phone satellite I love this shit
Drive a 2002 Lexus coupe you bitch
Play boy


{Mannie Fresh}
I'ma get it how I live and by me a quater
And put about 10 inches up in somebody daughter
I'm M.F. nigga
Nothin less nigga
Running in a race with me
You gotta catch your breath nigga
I love sex nigga
Got a complex nigga
Got your head hurting, taking contracts nigga
y'all doing good lil' one
I'm doing better
Your 2000 got cloth interior, mine got leather
See hit her get her grab her man I get with her
Split her quit her jab her man in a shit her
Doing like it should be done
I'm the mack
Make it feel just like a gun
Up in your back
Tell the truth I know you know baby
I don't need em
Ask a bitch or ask a hoe just how I treat em
You handcuffing these broads
Bring them hoes up in for questioning
Captain save a broad find another profession


Ha bro
Catch me getting out my Rover
With ice all over
With a pair black Girbauds
And some fresh white Soldiers
I'm the number one hoe bitch you know who I am
Got about a 150 worth a shit in my hand
Got about a 150 hard bricks in the van
With about a 150 nasty bitches my man
It's that hot boy Atrice no one do it harder
A block off the interstate
Doing donuts in my Ferrari

{Mannie Fresh}
Now why you over there looking at me?
Could I be the player that you trying to be?
I been pimping young stuns since 83
Ask your mamma and they mammas
Sonny they know me
number one reppers, hot like pepper
Flossy type steppers, dog bitch check us
I heard you gone pursue her
She telling the world you chew her
Yeah I screw then let the hot boys do her


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"Pimp On" as written by Frederick Taylor Carl Terrell Mitchell

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