Verse1. Warthog run over them all leaving cleat teeth in the streets or better yet some Nike Cortez Imprints biting the concrete with them razor sharp shark teeth we off the safety no maybe A's is who we be the world is a battlefield of invisible enemies stay in safe mode and roll over invisible foes in our Warthog a journey to take out the trash could be you getting took out like the trash watch your back & front your sides at all times look up and down all around keep your eyesight right it could save your life trained minds operate the tank with militant control mind,body,spirit, and soul implode into a new venture in the center of the globe M.P (The Center) full traffic big pull automatic cruise control gadgets in our Warthog Machine running over everything Minion riding on the side of me Twisted Metal mental weapntry telekinetic degenerates get it The Center of the Earth is where they headed pump them full of unleaded gas Joker Venom in the tank no need for no refills on gas
Verse2. Warthog Boss Mode run over everything in our way unstoppable running over Missions Impossible plausible Gospel God Mode when we Odd Roll fucc audibles we clock and load The Fog guards our Boss Souls Warthog Trolls the Primafrost Bog is toll that's how we roll all thru the Earth Sonic Hedge Warthog since birth roll up The Valley Curse and hot box blaze in the Warthog while running over the Grim Reapers hearse hidden enemies don't count cuz they cowards if they was so real show yourself cowards you can't see this Big Face Power Lean Showers mean more green powder Keef by the P like leafs by the tree I bleed so much Lean Green to mean the Predator envy's me invisible enemies ain't really worthy to be deemed enemies the cowards don't want to be seen in the deepest cuts of The Alley spitting the hottest fever of the Valley the Valley of Death never had a breath I killed it from the first nest homebase your place is blueprint that I keep in my briefcase Pelican Brief Gang Pelican Bay kites from the Big Face Benjamin homies that can't phone me cuz The Feds is listening real closely thanks to them fake homies them Jake the Snake no Roberts phonies D.D.T in they dental plates smash them turf lames like Earthquake Typhoon there earwaves drown them rats out the town with that Lean Sound we Hyper Superceed sound

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