Coming at ya with revised and finalized lines that reflect
The times of life rife with liveliness
Vented them Radical Sound piratical flows without a verse
To let the Juggalos know I'm a Juggalo first
Repping the Carnival!
My bad, but examine Australian scenes
Ignorance, arrogance bigger than balls in their baggy jeans
Wanna get a foot in the blast-door, get a mic saber
Favour phrases fazing the dummies and bring the clown in later
Not that I care what them fools are happening to think
But I gotta be wise; sometimes the circus ain't it
And the people don't analyse like they should do
Or maybe they do but they too stupid to see it like me and you
Yeah, the people are unbelievably stupid, inconceivably lucid
Used to rappers delivering bars two-bit
Um, who bit who? I swear I heard you another time
A different beat and voice but the same exact line
I'm confused but straight-shooting the views I got
The only views I got but hey!
At least I got a view and got a view to give it a shot
Without a piece but rather a piece of mind
And beat to unleash the beast upon
Without that gimmicky rot
Shit, did I just bite someone?
I swear I just bit someone so maybe I should stop
Fuck it! I ain't apologising; criticising at the moment
Done it before, shot the jaw, shock and awe, at least I own it
I'm all alone in my bungalow; nothing else to do
It's Hip Hop Night at HuHa but screw ya
I'ma just write to this - ditty, sitty and sippy Monstippy
Spitty, letting rippy at rappers who are just silly billies
Like a cigarette up like Illy, give it a hickie for a minny
Then get back inside and write some more witty shitty
Pity it isn't always the case though
Showcasing woah! Yo, that's the shit that just blow ya tip
Exciting kids on the up and up; ya know what I'm saying?
Give it up for who said it and keep playing him
Ya never know what to expect, I could bring the Horrorcore
And surprise the Horrorcore listener with an Aussie-sounding jaw
For real, you're fucking Auusie mate, use the Aussie accent
Before I grab the hatchet and chop and sow descent
Of the balls then dispose of them like little miss Hayley Stark
But it ain't little red riding hood; it's big and dark, it's Dark Side Poet
Getting the tapping of feet, the nodding of heads, the clapping of handsies
Equanimities tippy with a dose of Hard Candy
Yeah, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Hard Candy

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