The name's Sly Cooper: Carmelita's party pooper
Drop into the night like a paratrooper
Wear bright blue but still a stealth master
Last of a long line of thieves; net caster
Reel in the lines of credit of bad guys
Clockwerk, the Klaww Gang, Dr. M, Fiendish Five
To right wrongs, the murdering of my family and snatch back
The Thievius Racoonus when I slash and hack
You call yourself thieves?
Muggshot likes the pretty pictures but he can't even read
Contessa finna hypnotise to see a lead
And don't even get me started on Dimitri
I'ma jump and hit the circle button
The contemporary Robin of Sherwood
Slide in like I'm startin' somethin'
Droppin' bombs like the Panda King be my boy Bentley
And smackin' up Rajan be The Murray; he the heavy
But I don't see a fat pathetic weakling or a nerd
I see the best of friends; been at it since the orphanage
The mean old bird took the cookie but we took 'em back
Blue- pink- green- plan of attack
From that witch to Mz. Ruby and Raleigh
From Jean Bison to Neyla and Arpeggio
From Black Baron to Paradox and Grizz
Carmelita hot on my tail through all this shizz
But we make it through; shock pistol fire whizzing past
But I know the fox is hot for me- fire ever last
Last through Wuxia moves on top of the bamboo
Through helicopter rides through France, too
Piracy on the high seas, and black chateaus
Through the swamps and the desert and the snow
Bio-mechanical owls who refuse to die
Call it just another day in the life of Sly
But I always get my piece of the pie
And I steal from only bad guys; rock a heist
Like no other; do it for my gang, for my fam
For the world, at large; Cooper Gang, we in charge
And finally, props to Mark Thomas
Whether or not I win this competition I can promise
That you'll never find a Cooper Cane made that's doper than his
The desire to possess one catalysed this
Rap about Sly Cooper
I reckon I've finished Band of Thieves like 25 times
Put Neyla in her place like 25 times
And murdered Clockwerk like I murdered this rhyme

Cooper Gang for life!

Lyrics submitted by DarkSidePoet

Thieves In Time (a Sly Cooper fan song) song meanings
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