Now you could get a lot out’it, as much as gluttony’ll allow.
One day we’ll look back & cry about it; there’s nothing you can do about it now.
You probably don’t even know you want it; it’s easier done than said.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Don’t worry your pretty little head about it. Go on, do what you do best instead.

Oh, I’ve gone and done it now.
(I tried to plant the seed...)
Oh, I’ve gone and done it now.
(To get you freed.)

It’s just too easy to laugh about it, such reliable reticence.
Aren’t you even glad they caught you chugging your own medicine?
Why don’t you hunt down everybody & show ‘em how you get around.
Yeah, you get around.
You’re just a decoy anyway. You’re a pretty patsy anyhow.

Oh, I’ve gone and done it now.
(I must’ve hit a nerve.)
Oh, I’ve gone and done it now.
(Hadn’t you heard?)

Yeah, I know what you believe in,
Your duty to dish it out.
But you’ve had more than your share of even.
Can you refute me beyond a doubt?
I doubt, I doubt.

Now did you ever consider that you yourself could be the beast that they warned you about?
Of course you didn’t. You’re proud to pride yourself on everything you disavow.

Oh, I’ve gone and done it now.
(Just like before.)
Oh, I’ve gone and done it now.
(You sure are sore.)
Oh, I’ve gone and done it now.
(You sure you don’t want more?)
Oh, I’ve gone and done it now.
Gone and done it, gone and done it now.

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    General CommentThis is a fun, clever song about exposing the facade of talking heads from either the liberal or the conservative agenda (I'm not indecisive, just meant it was written to apply to both sides - and, of course, it even stretches beyond political agendas).

    Watch how the media or even the Internet overhypes certain people, who the general public often recognize are not as intelligent as they portray themselves, while that particular talking head truly believes in his/her own image. Exposed for hypocrisy, that person is cast aside by the public and media with no empathy for the person's humanity, ironically due to that person's own displays of superiority during their proverbial 15-seconds of fame.
    PinsNeedleson June 07, 2015   Link

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