Even though it’s all relevant, evident
Presidents make me feel like I was livin’ in Neverland
Super-fly, green, Don Juan flow
Like I’m Peter Pan
This number one spot need change
Feed the meter-man
I’m Winter, mink cold
So any problems or situations– I dead it
Put it down the drain– sink souls
My ink gold, rich text for you niggas
Now every other girl wanna get sexed by this nigga
Ex keep callin’, different mood, different channel
A title and a position– meanin’ she is an example
Cause she was somethin’ I never could handle
She a trip; she gonn’ need a passport and some sandals
A nigga might just give her her next break
The bigger he is, she probably give him a sex tape
More fame for the vain, highlighted name
At the end of the day, just look where I remain: on top, high top
Threw up the X’s for protection
Ate O’s like the 80’s, kiss the haters goodbye
Eighth row, getting’ closer to that first row (celeb status?)
You and the world could be the first to know

You’ve got a hold on me
And this feeling gets stronger every day

Talked shit, now my throat dry
Now I got that paper, and I ain’t rockin’ bow ties
Got a license, but no drive
Too many people in that thing with the four sides (squares)
The oddest future ever
Even if you think I’m lyin’, I honestly say I’m better
Been this way forever, since my ’07 Versace ad
My level–you ain’t hear? Like, you aint’ copied that?
(That’s funny how I just copied that
I’m just sayin’, um)
You could never do it
Grew up on the ones who mic-checked one, two-it
No candle opportunities
Like somebody who blew it
Music took me to a place I thought I’d never see
Had no other choice to seize
Like the letter three
Whatever made it worse, made it worse
But it bettered me
Where do I go?

You’ve got a hold on me
And this feeling gets stronger every day

I’m in row one
Under the seat: it’s the people behind me
Feet, no gum
Backstage and they’re no guns
Except for security
But I got my own on both sides
They at my crib where the bathroom is like the boat size
Y’all don’t want me to brag so let it float by
Or bring it close by
Here is a random song I had to put together
All this money and hoes could damage in the rain like leather
Let it be the right amount
Gonn’ take more than pussy to open up my account
Go on, moonwalk with MJ there
And you better jump in that fuckin’ air
And stay there
Now watch the magician get put in a position where disappearance
Is made clear

You’ve got a hold on me
And this feeling gets stronger every day

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