Ah cut the music up
A lil' louder
Really? That’s the beat? That’s the best you can do?
OK whatever.

I had a lot of hooks and some hardcore clout
Never did R&B, couldn’t never figure out
How to sing... how to sing
I partied with the best, did some mad misbehavin’
Now I’m in the studio squawkin’ like a raven
As I sing... as I sing
For a second I’m in B, then I drift to A
It's hard not to wince at the sounds that come your way
As I try to sing try to sing

When I was just a young ‘un, had dreams of being famous
And now I’m autotuned, and really can you blame us
‘cause I, can’t hold a note that doesn’t sound heinous
without it going way off key
I don’t enunciate so you may have a little trouble
Makin’ out the words that I stutter and mumble
Like a, kitchen chair, rippin’ a lamp bubble
Can you decipher what I’m sayin’ like a newspaper jumble?

I had a lot of folks trying to make me happy
Spent three million dollars and it still sounds crappy
When I sing... when I sing
A lot of engineers add a professional touch
But even AutoTune can only do so much
When I sing... when I sing
For a second you were here, then you got up quick
Screaming, and poking at your ear with a sharp stick
When you heard me sing, heard me sing

I had a big dream and managed to achieve it
Even though I’m bad at rappin’ and really am beneath it
But I’m... even worse at singing if you can believe it
But I control the industry and ain’t ready to leave it
And now I’ll sing higher as if that’ll help it
It sounds so freakin’ bad that the speaker just melted, but
Hey don’t be scared, the noise it can’t hurt ya
But there’s no stoppin’ me ‘cause there’s just too much inertia

I’m spellin’ words wrong, leavin’ other words out
Using double-negatives, couldn't never figure out
How to write... how to write
Can’t think of what to write so I’ll say it again
Can’t think of what to write so I’ll say it again
How to write... how to write

See I just want you to know
There’s nothing you can do, it’s horrible
It’s horrible, yeah
And I want you to know
Your opinion is meaningless
Completely meaningless

I had a lot of songs that all sound like crap
Never really had skill, I was never good at rap
But I’m rich... yeah I’m rich
I had a lot of help and my effort was valiant
But in this industry you don’t have to have talent
To get rich... to get rich
I had a lot of stuff, made me feel real numb
And I sounds like I sucked on a bag of helium
When I sing... when I sing
I whine like a baby trying to make it sound sadder
Not saying anything but that really doesn’t matter
So I sing... so I sing

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