The events that brought us here
all unfortunate, I fear
but can’t be helped
I am sincere
Envoy from the world below
take this message to your own
there was no way we could have known

Just pieces on the board all waiting to be moved
Tell me why I should care for you?

I stand above the world
in my glass enclave
And I can not be hurt
by the war and the harrowing waves

From High above the world
I see the ones depraved
They know to stay away
from our walls and the master slaves

I live life without remorse
out of sight is out of mind
no regard for their kind
In spite of everything I have
I owe no debt to those who don’t
I played the game and I won

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    Song MeaningNo, this song is clearly about Occupy Wall Street from a financial exec's point of view. "Just pieces on the board" refers to how people can look like board-game pieces from a bird's-eye view.

    Re "I stand above the world, in my glass enclave": According to Google Maps' satellite and Street View pics, only two buildings -- Marine Midland and One Liberty Plaza -- have views on Zucotti Park through plate glass. The latter holds several offices for Goldman Sachs, where many of the mortgage-backed securities that caused the housing crash of 2008 were created.
    seahenon January 14, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationI believe he's talking about Machinae Supremacy's/his, perhaps his followers as well, state in the war against evil in it's epitome. He sends a message to those below his glass enclave, telling his truths and asking, "why he should care for them? He depicts himself not too unlike an invincible god, but not a god depending on what your understanding of god is. The Fallen ones are the ones below who haven't discovered the truths that he has. Lastly it's just a chess game between him and his enemy "The Master Slave". Seems pretty straight forward to me as does most their music, but I know that's just me and hope this helps anyone looking. As for why it's called "99" I'm unsure, lots could be said and I guess that's the point of title. Draws you in without giving too much away :P. I believe in this band.
    Zero3200on October 26, 2012   Link

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