[Dr. Voight-Kampff]
Just a few ancient questions left, Mr. L
What the hell is real?
Who am I and why not...
Why don't we smell the roses anymore?
When do we get another shot?
Truly, madly, magic sun and moon and from sand to dust and dust to earth
momma... yours (Voight-Kampff)

In a world I don't belong
I miss her,
How can I face this life alone?

I do remember
Like it was yesterday
You and me together
Back in the different age

For the ghosts haunting my mind
Of the ones I left behind
There is nothing I can do
I can live only with you

I do remember
Like it was yesterday
You and me together
Back in the different age

Why did you bring me back?
(Like a lab rat in a maze)
Am I dead or alive?
(What's all these rods stuck in my brain)
Why did you wake me up?
(locked in this virtual jail)
Why was I revived?
(Is this all some game?)

(Lost in this maze)

So this is the end
(Why did you bring me back?)
(Like a lab rat in a maze)
Or maybe a start
(Am I dead or alive?)
(With all these wires stuck in my brain)
So what happens now?
(Why did you wake me up?)
(Locked in this virtual jail)
Can't find the way out
(Why was I revived?)
Is this all some game?

I could decide to stay here and dream on forever more
To live without the danger and the fear I felt before
A life of devoid of sadness, no more suffering and pain
In a realm of made believe within the limits of my brain

But can I really fool myself?
(Could I fly inside this lucid dream)
Into believing I'm still me
(In this mind-machine technology)
A synthetic state of consciousness
(Could I be a part of this new real?)
I am therefore I think
(Could I dream forever more?)
(Without the fear I felt before)
(There'll be no suffering and pain)
(Within the confines of my brain)
Within the confines of my brain

I remember dying
Fading into black
I remember dreaming
of a second chance

A new real; A paradise
(inviting and exciting - a new home)
A new real; A web of lies
(Confusion, delusion)
I am alone

A new real; Bold and Green
(Serenity, destiny - a new home)
A new real; A cold machine
(Mistaken, Forsaken)
I am alone
(I am alone)

Please switch me off
I am sure now
I don't belong
In this new real

Please shut me down
I am fine now
Thanks for the dream
You can switch me off

Now I know this is not real
I can't trust the way I feel
I'm alive but in a dream
Am I only a machine?

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