the goal's to get yours
and everyone elses
even if the prey is innocent
and helpless
get 'em out of here there's
no room for the weak
the message is clear
every time you speak

and if a family starves
then you don't care
because you say they've
got to earn their share
or is it that you don't
know what to give
because that ain't a way
you've had to live

can anyone tell me where
empathy went
in a world where so many
can't even make rent
so quick to turn
from left to right
when it seems like the
solutions in sight

you say your cutting
all that you should
but you spend if it
means the party looks
you say
"Joe Taxpayer's
the victim"
but not everyone on
welfare's cheating
the system

there's nothing wrong
with trying to boost the
but you refer to the poor
as a fucking disease
it's all about
bread and no butter
"All animals are equal,
some more equal
than others"
(G. Orwell)

but is the answer just to
better yourself
woulnd't it be better if
we could spread the wealth
get every family off
the street
and allow a few more children
to eat

what if the tables
were turned
and you were the student
who couldn't afford
to learn

what would you do then
with no help from
your wealthy friends....

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