"Part of the Game" as written by Jason Rawls and Jermaine Sanders....
Lone Catalysts
I grab these microphones to live, son
Pay the rent, put food on the table
Got a roof over my head
But I take it serious
No joke

Comin' straight out the box, first edition, nutrition
From musicians, food for thought when you listen
I been around the atlas, countries and states
Everybody knows the Catalysts bumps, beats and breaks
The most true to life rap tactics for practise
The fact is, I tilt a nigga off his axis
The way that Sands taxes, doin' his mic matches
Somethin' massive, let me explain what the wrath is
Four hundred years of oppression, anger, aggression
And the anxiety of a blackman stressin'
The devil keep on testin, always gotta offer his suggestions
Make it seem greater when it's less than
That's just tricknowledge
They teach you it from high school through college
So you can go out and get them dollars
It's just a game they play to see who has the fattest wallet
That's why most blacks smoke crack and most white alcoholics

I grab these microphones to live, son, rest in peace Big Pun
Because you know another day you're not promised to live one
Yo, the streets are hot, most blocks are like a prison
So if you're lookin' for love, kid, you gots to give some
Man, these days are cold-blooded, everyone's butted
Rock jewels that stay flooded, the weak, they never cut it
Sometime I be like 'what if' but ain't a damn thing gonna change
Cause it's just part of the game

Aiyo, I slap-box lyrics through mics, the smooth type
That move right into a state of mind to fight
Cause it's all ground zero, my street level bureau
We'll play this game until we master it like Ken Duro
So what's your role? My part is the aural
Sub-moral, Lone Catalysts remain plural
I'm like ? headin out to ?
Maryland, in a caravan to a rural
Spot to make a drop-off, that's how I hustle my raps to prosper
Cause MC's disappear like Jimmy Hoffa
The hungriest cats are at the crib writin' this very minute
They see the pennant and want to win it
That's how styles get invented
y'all new jack timid frontin-ass niggas rhymes be rented
I got no respect for y'all, y'all probably be the next to fall
You want to bang, kid, should be waitin' for the ref to call
A time-out, so you can find out
Any possible way to exit this rhyme bout


Okay now let me get back to the session at hand
My DJ's name is Jason Rawls, I don't need no band
Yo, I travel across the land, microphone in hand
Do some dates out west so I can work on my tan
I guess it's just the rap life
y'all know who y'all niggas act like?
Quick to blaze the bag pipe and talk about the last night
Some are real grimey muthafuckas up in the fast life
Don't give a damn about rap cause they're stresin the crack price
(And grip the Mack tight) Some niggas frail like a glass pipe
With more bodyguards than Bill Clinton around they ass, type
To walk the streets at night carryin a flashlight
Some are players grabbin all the mamis on they ass tight
Bust it, some smoke weed, get skeed, hashis
Dust and ecstacy, shrooms and drink ??booze??
For all my rappin niggas, I hope we link soon
Get yours, I'm gettin mine, cause it's about time


A life
Yo, I want to give a shoutout to everybody in hip-hop who couldn't be here
Yo, Big Pun
Freaky Tah
Big L
Scott La Rock
Trouble T Roy
MC Trouble
Keith Cowboy
We miss you

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"Part of the Game" as written by Jermaine Sanders Jason Rawls


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