"Your Past Life as a Blast" as written by and Will Sheff....
Your life, back in a banner year, a blast of light, a brace of cheers.
A house of wild accolades evaporating on an August night.
I'm looking out into the sound, I'm breathing deep, I'm turning 'round.
(I'm sayin') Do ya, do ya, want to swim out to that island?
(I'm beggin') Touch my wrist, it's shaking just like someday baby when we're older.
(I'm wishin') Cash will be inside our kisses, someday, maybe, baby when I'm gold.
Your hair is thin and light as a white forest fire in summertime.
Your throat, where it's exposed, looks like a crime, I'll sneak up slow and whisper quiet.
Your pretty face looks like an island rising from a sea that's slowly drying.
(When I'm saying) Do ya, do ya, want to sail out in the silence?
(I'm asking) Will ya, will ya, come over here and do me violence?
Press your ear up to my wrist, the blood is racing some way, going wherever.
(I'm saying) Will ya will ya, stand up tall and be my shelter?

So here we go, we'll see you think into the dust, into the drink.
You slipped your fears into my head, some midnight freeway ride along with Jennifer. (Oh Jennifer, oh Jennifer)
Hotels, jails and hospital details, the highway hugs the water.
I had to cross a field of seething fires to see the moonlight or the river.
(I'm saying) Do ya, do ya, want to come and make me shiver?
(I'm begging) Squeeze my arm and feel it pull away like someday, baby, when we differ.

I'll tell you what I didn't say. I'll tell you 'bout the way I really miss him.
You tell 'em what you want to tell 'em. Tell 'em 'bout the way you really loved her.
Shake it, shake it, shake it off and take another.
'Cause no one, no one, is gonna stop me from loving my brother.
'Cause no one, no one, is gonna stop me from loving my brother.
No one, no one, is gonna stop me from loving my brother.
No one, no one, is gonna stop me from loving my brother.
No one, no one, is gonna stop me from loving my brother.
Not even my brother.

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    General CommentGorgeous. Makes my heart hurt.
    BKxoon May 15, 2011   Link
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    General CommentAnyone else think this song is in line with "a Favor" and "It was My Season"?
    morningdewdewon September 18, 2013   Link
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    General CommentThis song is so fucking beautiful. My favorite from the new album. Unlike many Okkervil songs though, I don't think there's any hidden, deep meaning to this one. To me it is a love song, plain and simple, although perhaps you could say it is about love in several different senses (i.e., romantic, familial, etc.) and therefore has somewhat of a deeper meaning on that level. While I do think it's just a love song though, I must stress that I don't mean that as a slight at all - it is a spectacular song. :-)
    blacklacelilyon April 26, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI feel like its a past love song, how he put so much emphasis on their relationship . . . At first it comes off as a love song but as it progresses he admits things going slightly wrong (like baby someday when we differ) and by the end he looks at how he thinks she feels (I'll tell them how I really miss him) and he says how he feels (How I really loved her). But the reason they broke up, she didn't like his brother and he couldn't handle the fact that she tried to turn him against his brother (no one, no one is gonna make me stop loving my brother, not even my brother) so he won't try to work it out.
    fuzzvisiondjon December 12, 2011   Link
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    Song MeaningI think references to "she" and "Jennifer" are to the girl and references of "him" are to the brother. It sounds like they both fell for the same girl. In the end he says they should, "Shake it off" and "find another", because he really "misses him."

    However, the brother doesn't make the same decision ...
    clovuson August 08, 2012   Link
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    General CommentIs this not about the memoir by Swofford?
    ishouldbeworkingon August 15, 2012   Link

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