AY YPN 2008
Land of the trill (Yoooooo!)
Ay man, get dat track rollin’.
Get dat track. Let’s go, baby. Let’s go.
Hit it up (Bring it!)
Yeah, baby. Hell yeah.
(Yunnnng Shrooom!)

[Verse 1 – Da Puffa]
I gotta spray em wif da 4-5 milli.
Got da fist dat’ll knock a sucka silly.
Got the wrist with the ice right on it.
This track is hot even though Ice is on it.
We some cold gangstas, but we spititng flames like a dragon.
Gun at the waist, but the jeans still saggin.
Paper or plastic, cuz it’s weed dat we baggin.
Punk we got mo paper cuz it’s green that we stackin’.
Trilled up, with the gun up, bill down.
Steel up, got the chrome soft to the ground.
Three shots’ll knock a hater out, hit da dirt.
Gun like a brush (dayum) paint you red on da shirt.

YPN motherfucka, ya’ll know what it mean (mean)
Kill a motherfucka cuz it’s a g thing (ayyy)
First class OGs, OGs trill with it.
Ya’ll a bunch of wannabes. RIP so deal wit it.
Land of the Trill, where the deals go down.
We totin’ steel cuz we kings without a crown.
Land of the Trill, you can come downtown.
We totin steel, die with a single round.

[Verse 2 – Lil Ice]
Throw it down, shoot em up, in my whip ridin’ hard.
Take my glass, fill it up, naked hoes in the yard.
Lil Ice wit YPN, throw it down once again.
Cash money make ya grin. Life’s a game, then we win.
Don’t fuck around with motherfuckas. Yeah I’m a motherfucka.
Get yo mother then I fuck her. YPN gonna make you suffer.
Constantly abusing hard drugs and strong liquor.
It’s the magic medicine that make me run quicker.
Cuz boys need speed to keep up with Lil Ice.
When my glock spray the streets, they duck and hide like lil mice.
In the Land of the Trill, there ain’t nothing but respect.
And if ballin’ was a crime, then I’m the suspect.

YPN motherfucka…
YPN motherfucka…
YPN motherfucka!
YPN motherfucka!!! (YUUUNG SHROOOM!)

[Verse 3 – Yung Shroom]
What the fuck you lookin at? Yeah I think I know about it.
Shining diamonds, silver chain. Yeah, I think I know about it.
Low ridin’, pussy slidin’, yeah I think I know about it.
Dirty souf, east coast, yeah I think I know about it.
YPN motherfucka, hell yeah I know about it.
Cuz I live it everyday. Yeah turn the bass up.
Black forces lace em up. Silencer aim it, case em up.
Got the forties case em up. Hell yeah motherfucka.
What you know about it? You don’t know about shit.
Shut up and drop down. Hearin’ me from outta town.
Yeah I think I know about it, drop you with a single round.
Fuck yeah I know about it, drop your ass without a sound.


[Verse 4 – Lil Blunt]
Ay I’mma motherfucka, high on dat dank dro.
I cruise in the night, so you can see my candy paint glow.
If my rims stop spinnin’, it’s just a pussy break.
Fuck the speed limit, ya’ll know I’m never pushin break.
Hundred in the 55, yeah that’s my MPH.
Bumpin’ bass interior, yeah watch how da cushions shake.
I’mma motherfuckin’ G, keep it crunk like Bleezy.
My girls come hard, but cash come easy.
Yeah, I’m a motherfucka, not like them other fuckas.
I puff enough to smother some other suckas.
I puff enough to look like a chimney.
I’m like a guillotine with all the head da girl give me.

[Chorus/Talkin’ shit]

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