If you never tell that little white lie, then that's one less thing that you have to remember, can you blatantly say looking straight in her face that you ain't telling tales? I can't, I've tried so hard, but things ain't been the same since april, since that day full of tears and never agains, how many times has she heard were just friends? Friends that send texts with more than just a kiss on the end, but those texts are deleted so there ain't no chance of her catching me cheating, believe she's the best thing and il love her for life, I'd be lost if she left me and I don't wanna lie but it's hard for me, I'm in a catch 23, coz there's one more than two and in the middle it's me, is it left? is it right? I mean I know that it's wrong, and if she ever found out what i'm like shed be gone, but she trusts me, and that's what hurts me the most, laying so close praying she'll never know, where I go when I'm gone, what's been said and been done, and how there'll always be another, even if I love her, I can't smother the flames coz the fire won't die, it just burns away inside until I give into desire, I'm a love struck liar, burnt in the past so I keep her in the dark,

Given the chance could I go back, and unbreak promises littered with mistakes, coz I'm telling her fiction but facebook pics are making me the villain, for testing waters where mermaids wait, blowing hot and cold, yeah they're hot for a day, but what I'm left with is a keepsake, as my love boat floats away,

At night i pray that I can change my ways, that these lips won't mutter another lie, that when i look at her prettiest of features that my conscience is as clear as the summer sky, pray that I can put an end to her tears, that her fears and her doubts are laid to rest, our undoing was all my own doing, love over lust is the hardest of tests,

Send text, delete text, recieve text, do the same in case he checks your inbox, don't complain if I don't pick up, but don't you ever phone my house phone again,

When I've written down all I have to say, I'll throw these sheets away and take back confessions of dogs gone stray, maybe you'd stay, if I could look in your eyes, and recite a lie of love untainted and tested time.

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London's Greatest Love Story song meanings
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    General CommentActually brilliant song from a underated UK band, mixing Hardcore with a Rap edge! It's pretty awesome coming from a metalhead hehe. Anyways I suppose this song is easy enough to explain :)
    HaterOFmankindon November 05, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI hate to admit,
    today i heard this song for the first time and i liked it, but when i read these lyrics, i'm almost crying. serious.
    the line "love over lust is the hardest of tests" hurts the most... Because i can relate to that,
    in way's that are to sick for wordst in my opinion.
    I'm currently in a relationship with a girl i've been in love with for over 1 year, and finally we got together. I was so happy. But then an old exgf stepped in, and offered me,
    well, some pictures in exchange for alcohol. And i, stupid as i am, took the offer.
    I hate my self now. I cheated on the girl that i really, really love.
    TRC completely turns my feelings into one of the best Hard-Core songs i've ever heard and will ever hear.
    Bless you guys.
    IDoRepenton October 25, 2011   Link

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