Subterranean maintain own tongue mongst ruins
In subdued tones I speak of the flesh which entombs our inner core
Who the blessed? Invade airwaves type Moors (wars)
Sore from travels to unmarked thresholds, grapple truths untold lying in whispers it figures.
He who snickers doesn't see final melody
Shattered splinters, melodic in their own unrest
Remind me of Osiris, made liars of us all
For 364 days I learned to crawl
Appalled by sense of urgency to resurrect the dead
Shed my last skin searching for angel with broken wing
Will she sing that e minor hymn? For those of us who sin?
For those of us who sin?
Within dirty sanctum became brethren's anthem
Jesus Christ a Black man walks the earth still
Forgot to speak the real, Struggle's fate not sealed.
I appeal to nil, never one, not one, none.

Amplify brainwaves to condense my thought
Bends the dark
Why question my art?

Shunned by rays of Amon Ra,
Darkness exposes every soul's flaw
I forever remain raw, unpolished
Drunk off knowledge of knowing I'm dumb
Now remain none's sum, while inner eyes' stay numb
We all shall succumb to eternal sleep,
For now I'll just yawn and speak on ill gutter beats
Watch falling leaves, walk on knees,
Down graveled path vocalize own epitaph
Evoke on path towards inner, nonlinear
Lay head mongst sinners
Solitude falls winter
Appauled at visual surrounding
Kept my bearings non-grounded
Liquid language kept frozen 40 oz's
How many Mc's know who Faust is?
Pardon original, Manuscript fit text type tailored suit
Felt effects at root through vein type heron' you shoot
Euphoric, saw banks of Tigris and Euphrates
Fertile Crescent hold more lessons than taught by deities
Vonsciousness is leaving me
Seen that same sage turn page on habitual
Perform tectonic rituals,
Broke abacus to calculate coordanates
But can't afford rent.... It makes no sense.
Forgot our days in shackles? You concentrate on battles?
I lecture graduates discussing Kant till they leave baffled.

Amplify brainwaves to condense my thought
Bends the dark
Why question my art?

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