"People Like People" as written by and Rizwan Ahmed Irfan Nathoo....
People like people that don't give a shit (x3)
Gathered around, tongues hanging out, looking up

They don't give a shit
But one thing they love
Is people around tongues out, looking up
'Cause people like people to be like bras
Go with their clothes and push up the stance (x2)

People like people that don't talk much
But sometimes put one eyebrow up
Sat back, smoking, potent, not fussed
When they talk, you're rushed, they're gruff, and you're hushed
Or they like wildcard performers, too
Loud and squawking talk 'til blue
Still the type that don't listen and don't want to
S'all about ego
S'not about you
People like people that make no effort
Looking past me, won't ask me one question
"What's your profession?"
"What's your name?"
But I'm just the dust on their window frame

Loons, free spirits, and dons are supposed
To hold this pose from what I'm told - it's so "Oh!"
'Cause people like people who act like stars
You can smile and nod but you're gonna finish last

And I get a kick from people thinking I'm safe
Does that make me fake? Am I eating my cake?
If I never gave time or day, no games
Chip on my shoulder, fish on your face
Would that be more raw or insecure?
(I could swap friendliness for more friends)
Would that be more raw?

Or immature
Not sure, but

Maybe they'd like me more

People like people to show them their places
To follow with a huff and puff and inflate

Treat you like knobs 'til they hear 'bout your job
And name drop Bob Dylan and Dizzee on MySpace
People like people who've heard the right tunes
Bought the right clothes
And revised the reviews

People like people that you couldn't imagine at a bus stop
Or stuck in a queue in those shoes
People like rockstars that do smack
Singers that get trashed
And models that might snap
People like boys with a Kate Moss face
Girls with no tits
And kids with no faith
People like people repressed with restless with
Hats or midriffs
With money or guestlists
People like different styles the same way
People like people to be mixed race

And I get a kick when they're impressed
With my clever dick views and prospects of success
And if I held it down and gave away less
Drop no names, create no interest
Would that be humble or tryin' be mysterious?
(Stop giving and draw more for less)
Would that be secure,
Or baitred demured?
Not sure
But maybe they'll like me more

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