"Be Prepared feat. Little Brother" as written by and T Jones Jared Bridgeman....
uh, uh
Akrobatic bout to set it off
Phonte bout to set it off
rappin Pooh bout to set it off
9th wonder bout to set it off

Hey yo this whole shit's kinda funny
it went from who got the props to "nigga I got money"
everybody reaching in the same pot of honey
scramble in the streets but your eggs look runny
sonny, high accel, yo can't tell
vail my brim to those before him
swim with the fishes, wish for a better year
I'm no shark, but life I spear
the people outside my life they cheer
helping people out my whole career
when the road get rough, curve out, two hands I steer
wanna see how life look from up here
it appears that all my niggas know how I look down here
go hard, don't display fear
I displace tears and put 'em in every word I rap
look a head, ain't no taking it back, it's like that, nigga

now when you see AK be prepared for the flow
when you see Big Pooh it's the knockout blow
and when you see Phonte watch out for big dough, just a PSA to let ya'll know.
you gotta be prepared
are you ready to make your mark?
be prepared
are you ready to move with speed?
be prepared
are you ready to take the lead?
Yes my brother! Yes indeed

this whole rap shit is kinda blurry
it's not quite the same as Hit Squad and Keith Murray
nowadays rappers come throught with a brief flurry but yo, really it ain't no need to worry
cuz you're listening to flows from the heavens
I don't drive but I always hear "AK, you're a legend" (Acura Legend)
my response, I'm working hard, serving my fans and serving God,
the key to making it in this rap game is simply learn the odds
when I did I became a business man
now the whold industry like "yo who is this man?"
Little Bro and Akro, you know who they are
cats getting money since niggas was off the radar
start the world tour, put the net in a frenzy
packin New York City spots on Wednesdays
always stay prolific keep the concepts specific
now we the niggas that be setting all the trends, hey


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