Nancy is a waif, a piece of cake
A blade of grass, Nancy takes it up the ass
Nancy gives good head
Nancy fucks Nixon’s son
She is Ronnie’s dildo gun
Nancy is a cunt of rum
Nancy is the Whitehouse scum
Little lady of the night
Nancy loves the cock to bite
Nancy takes big white up ass
She is one good lady

(Ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha)

She kissed Mr T.
Mr T. has a big skull
Nancy plants her lips upon
Big Pepe shot up red
Nancy sips between the spread
The CIA is after me
Because Nancy sucked off Mr T.
Nancy’s juices flow Potomac blue
I came on Nancy, I have spewed
Mr. T. rammed jizz in her hair
While Nancy had a press conference
Ted Koppel had a hard on
Nancy sucked off Sam Donaldson instead
But Nancy’s bladder busted pee
Because Nancy swallowed Mr T.

(Ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha)

Nancy took a limo out to the bog
She ran into the bending log
The log said, “Hey Nancy, want some Pete Moss mickey?”
Nancy squatted and said, “Omar, Omar!”
The log careened into her video vulva
Nancy grinned and kissed the maggot
She smells like the wharf, she rides like the wind
The scent of her V is the wind of Omar Sharif!
She hops like a wallaby, she has platypussy breath
Ronnie’s the son of 60 dogs, he has a log
But it’s out of order, so she went to the bog

(Ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha)

I went hunting once, outside of St. Louis
All the cocks Nancy wants today are Jewish
Nancy spread her tits at the last supper
Nancy took head on Jesus’ popper
They eloped on Mount Sinai
Jesus planted Holy Water in her eye
Jesus rode Nancy on the way to the bus stop
Nancy loved the little drummer boy’s limp pop
They eloped on the mountain under the midnight moon
Jesus ate out his last supper with a spoon

(Ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha)

Then Nancy bought China
Nancy is the first mom against drugs
Nancy shakes her tits at Chinese thugs
Nancy quivers Ho Chi Minh
Nancy douches Akhino’s gin
Opium pipes sneak up her ass
Mrs Reagan smells good gas
Mao Tse Tung puts fart in air
Nancy sniffs Siberian bears
Marcos’ lips grow Nancy’s crabs
Nancy’s tongue peels Marcos’ scabs
Ronnie doesn’t give a fuck
Ronnie shits huge hockey pucks
Nancy’s vagina is diseased
Chinese poets write poems like these
Fuck me Nancy won’t you please?

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    MemoryA lot of times the skateboarder people are punk rock kids if they played it showed man's like that would request a song in the other out and so for that you should come and her political some insults and things about either Omar Sharif or gone to your Nancy Reagan's vagina possibly Young Ted Koppel or I'm just a peat moss or something and then usually that might evolve into Goldwater or Rose Mofford or Evan Mecum or who knows what.
    parasite10on May 03, 2017   Link

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