It's times like these where I don't know where I belong.
It's times like these where everything starts to go wrong.

I don't know what I'm doing,
I don't know what to say.
My head starts spinning,
I just want it all to go away.

I know you didn't mean too,
I should've just tried.
I know it's not your fault.
That i'm already dead to you inside.
The world starts changing,
While I stay the same,
Everythings different,
And I'm the one to blame.

With a room full of people,
I feel so alone,
With everyone staring,
I bet they all know.

My worsts fears,
Are turning true,
Everytime I turn around,
There I am looking at you.

You must think I'm crazy.
I know I'm not sane,
But with everyone dying,
I feel I'm the one to blame
I felt your breath against mine.
What was going on in your mind?
I hear your voice.
Screaming my name.
I suddenly wake up.
Nothing's the same.
I'm stuck here staring at these four walls again.

I seen you today.
I guess you forgot aboout our date.
So much, So much for a thing called fate.

I walked outta that place.
I'll forget your face.
Your name's no longer in my head.
I finally relize my mistake.
When I wake up to a cold side of the bed.
I feel your touch.
I hear your voice.
It seems so real.
I see you hear.
I smell you near.
Waking up, is my only fear.

I relize what we have.
Was only in my dreams.
You never were who you lead me to believe.
I wanna know why you lead me on.
All this time I was wrong.

I wanna know who has my heart.
If it wasn't you I fell for.

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