Song Name   Comments
A February Killing0
As Always She Was Late0
Beside Me0
Black Eyes, Broken Hearts1
Body Bag Cover0
Born In A Burial Gown Cover0
Cotton Candy Lazer Beams0
Danger Is My Middle Name0
Dear Heart, I Hate You0
Dear Tom, Myspace Is Dead0
Dinosaurs From Jupiter0
Doin' It Togetha0
Don't Tell Me What I Know0
Emo Hearts0
Get My Shoes0
Go Ask Kurt0
GTFO(I've Got A Zombie On My Back)0
H4LL 0F F4M31
Halloween Hustle0
I Am The Monster Under Your Bed0
I Don't Care If You Think I'm A Nerd (Pokemon)0
I Forgave Myself For Forgiving You!0
I Hope I Can Finish This Before I Die0
I Just Want You Too Read My Words0
I Like To Think About0
I Like You But At The Same Time I Hate You0
I Love You Too Death But I Think I Was Happier When We Were Strangers0
I May Have Failed You But You Failed Me First0
I Will Follow You Into The Dark0
I Woke Up To A Nightmare0
I'd Slay A Dragon For You0
I'm Leaving You Charlotte0
I'm Losing All My Memories.0
I'm Wishing For Something I Can Never Have!1
It Could Only Go Downhill From Here.0
It Hurts Knowing I am Only A Memory0
It Was To Early For It To Be The End0
Jocelyn VS Raven RapBattle0
Just A Girl0
Kids From The Hood0
Kill Yourself, Kill Yourself0
Kind Of Gurlz1
Let Go (Good Charlotte Cover)0
Let's Talk About Spaceships0
Love Songs Make Me Cry0
LP'S 4 LYF30
LP's Keep It Freeky Sk33ty0
Make My Life A Hatred Place0
Malice Von Roe0
Maybe I Try To Hard0
Miss Delaney Cover0
My Uncle Was Shot By Five Ballerinas0
Never Take Anything Literally.0
None Of Them Knew They Were Robots0
One Hit Wonda1
One Hit Wonder1
Out Of Everyone I Never Thought I'd Be The Last One Standing.0
robots vs dinosaurs vs ninjas vs pirates0
Romeo Is Bleeding!1
Shut Yo Legs2
Spend Your Life0
Tell Me Why (The Difference)0
Ten Things I Hate About IB0
The Calm Before The Storm0
The Harmonica Song0
The Hurtful And Heartless Present Lying Lovers0
They Want Me Dead0
They Will Never Know Who I Really Am0
This Can Only End In Tears0
This Is How People Get Hurt0
This Is Still Your Nightmare0
Too Bad Kendra Doesn't Like Girls...Oh Wait.0
Ultimately It Is Up To You0
Wank Ah Bee0
We Used To Be Good Friends1
We're Free Of The Past0
What Hurts Mes The Mosts0
When Everybody's Sleeping I'm Still Awake0
Yesterday I Found Out My Dad Was A Robot0
You Put The Holla In Holocaust0
You Said Forever .. Once0
You Without Me Is Like The Sky Without Stars0
You'll Love It Trust Me0
You're A Constant Dissapointment0
Your Planned Suicide0
Zeekk Plays Gameboy0
Zombie Story0
Zombies Ate My Neighbors0
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