I see when the sky turns black
the clouds start to cry
then the rain starts to fall
it feels like a burning acid
the tears run down my cheek
they are so salty and sweet
I don't know what is happening
I hope the rain will never end

This rain will was away my sins
It almost feels like a second skin

The burning feeling
that i have when the sun comes out
could the storm just appear to the sky
and push away the sun
i have always lived in the rain
for me its not a games
through the tears the moon looks silver and the flames makes me feel so cold

this rain will was away my sins
it almost feels like a second skin

these tears falling
blinding, taunting
endless mourning
my tears falling
these eyes bleeding
endless yearning
blinding, taunting
my tears falling.

Lyrics submitted by harper83087

Cleansing Rain song meanings
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    General Commentlittle correction: this rain will WASH away my sins

    for me it talks about anyone who ever felt dirty, guilty or inadequate...
    L0ws0uLon February 12, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI see a number of more or less simple metaphors in there, e.g. the drums as drops, which are rain- and teardrops at the same time.

    First stanza: The protagonist cries, and it burns, still s/he feels it is the right thing, s/he want's it to continue.

    Second stanza: The sun, the pleasant part of life, makes him/her uncomfortable, and creates a craving for the known cave, the tears, perhaps the depression, to hide. But there, the tears make the moon look silver, that could represent something precious or a feeling of order or beauty (the moon is supposed to be silver, and that's beautiful).

    The tears keep him/her busy with mourning, also blind to the world. "Enslaved with grief", as Anathema might say. Still it feels like a catharsis, a time to go through in order to deal with something that has happened. For now, the tears are a second skin that covers the protagonist from the outside world, and maybe they will someday have cleansed the inner self, so that the cave can be escaped from, or maybe not; it's not know at this point in time.

    Not sure if there's a deeper meaning beyond this.
    totycroon February 08, 2012   Link

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