"The Scarecrow" as written by John Robert King, Michael S. Simpson and Beck David Hansen....
I'm just a loser in the game of love
I'm just a stray boy in the shade
And how I wish to know what love is like
To find someone to contemplate

There's a voice and a million answers
To the questions I don't ask
A demon ? I've got to contain
When I'm walking through the fen
Gonna deep into the black
There are whispers that I can't restrain

Don't give in

Rise to fame ? time will come
Make your claim ? time has come
For the crow who fly away

So you're an angel meant to walk down here
And you believe it's all divine
And you don't play by all those temporal rules
Watch the world begin to die

Alright ? when the lamb's been torn to pieces,
I've been crashing from the sky
Fallen to care for the pray, they put a spoke right in your wheel
I'm the one to dare the weak, to push you all over the pain
You give in ? oh

Rise to fame ? time will come
Make your claim ? time has come
For the crow who fly away

I close my eyes and I see what's coming my way
He's got treasure in his eyes that he's gonna turn to clay

Hm, I'm a stranger, I'm a changer and I'm danger

Fallen angel, waiting for the prey
The devil has come to take a maimed away
Penetration of the twisted mind
The evil is out for the weak and blind

I can feel it in your voice
Ever so sweet, no
Do I really have a choice? No, no, no!

Oh, you burn your feet on unholy ground
You roam the barren wicked plains abound
In evil eyes and evil speak
About it all your evil freaks

When you say it's all divine and meant to be
What about your flesh and blood and defires like me?

Their evil eyes are looking down on you
And those who don't are losing sight of you
Face the rage to chase away
The specter of disgrace and shame

Withered roses dying on the ledge
A withered dreamer standing on the edge
You dream of love but you wake up to pain
You're better off to join in my game

Then she'll better off to cry contrite tears
One day she'll wonder why she had to let you disappear,

Rise to fame ? your time has come
Time will come to take the sun
Make your claim, you're drawn to the sound
Time has come ? you're leaving ground

Rise to fame, the flight of the crow
Time will come, cross the line
Your time has come, for the crow to fly away

It's a flight to hell
Can you hear the bell
The devil has come
To take your soul away
A flight to hell, alright

I'm a stranger
I'm a changer
And I'm danger
Fallen angel
Waiting for the prey

Lyrics submitted by thehumanroach, edited by Zamochy

"The Scarecrow" as written by John King Beck Hansen

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    General CommentI apologize for all the typos in my posts, I was typing it while reading it from the insert on the CD, I am at work and not supposed to be doing this so I wanted to hurry lol.
    sgtstevo54on August 15, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationThe basis of the Wicked Trilogy album is about music composer dubbed The Scarecrow (Tobias Sammet) slowly going insane. His insanity births Mephistopheles (Jorn Lande) in his mind, and he falls into depression after being rejected by his unrequited love (Amanda Somerville). Tobi wrote this trilogy so The Scarecrows teeters between reality and illusions; that line being clearer in some songs more than others.


    The beginning of his descent to madness, The Scarecrow begins hearing a second voice in his head. This is explained in the 2nd paragraph where Tobi starts speaking more harshly with lines like:

    * "There's a voice and a million answers
    To the questions I don't ask
    A demon — I've got to contain"

    Mephistopheles begins picking at The Scarecrow's insecurities in order to make him fall into depravity. He does this by talking about how The Scarecrow is different from everyone else and how the world tries to bring him down (referenced in Twisted Mind).

    I believe the bridge represents the calm before the storm. The tranquility of The Scarecrow's mind before Mephistopheles begins invading it.

    The rest of the song is The Scarecrow's mind starting to crack from the voices in his head, while Mephistopheles begins to tear at The Scarecrows biggest insecurity: his unrequited love.

    My interpretation of the chorus is that it's The Scarecrow trying to console himself and give himself hope. However, the final chorus is when it's clear that Mephistopheles is beginning to affect The Scarecrow.
    Zamochyon June 11, 2017   Link
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    General Commentif anyone actually buys these CD's and does not just download them, they would have the sleeve which has the following on it :

    The Scarecrow is a tragic story of a lonesome creature, emotionally isolated from his environment and suffering from a distorted sensory preception. His feelings for the love of his life unrequited. He sets off on a journey exploring the left-hand path, striving for inner peace, ploughing his way to approval and eventually facing temptation at the inner depths of the human soul...

    "About eight years have passed since I started wriging my first conceptual project under the style of Avatnasia. Although it was called a "Metal Opera." It was not really an opera. I don't know too much about opera, in fact I know nothing about it and I can't even read scores. continued below
    sgtstevo54on August 15, 2008   Link
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    General CommentIn the sense of Rock 'n' Roll and Heavy Metal, it definately had operatic elements, a full concept and countless high profile vocalists who could curely make a greate career on Broadway. But this time I have tried to do things a bit differently: I wanted to come up with something that was more abstract and not your typical good-vs-evil fantasy stuff. I didn't want to keep it within the limitations of a once-upon-a-time fairytale. and I didn't want to squeeze the story into the tight corset of pedantry. I wanted to do something metaphoric, so I wouldn't unveil and ruin the mystery of the story. Follow me to the 19th century and walk the path of a composer slowly going insane; bouncing from passion to success, from isolation to acclaim, from heaven to hell, and from genius to insanity. This is my personal Faust-story. A lot of stuff is based on personal experience and thoughts. I can't go too deep into the story here, there is a fine line between reality and fiction and I will not reveal where it is to be drawn. But I am damned certain that everyone will be able to find some element of themselves in the "Scarecrow." It is me, and it is you!

    God Bless you and good night. - Tobias Sammet, Octover 2007
    sgtstevo54on August 15, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationI can see some "christ's passion" reference here. Actually, a little before it, on gethsemane, when the devil teases jesus.
    The scarecrow would symbolize jesus (even the shape of the scarecrow resembles a crucified man) and the crow is the devil.
    Verses like "A demon - I've got to contain" and the feeling of an near future sort of sacrifice as shown in "I close my eyes and see what's coming in my way" and "Do I really have a choice? No no no" resembles a lot Jesus asking God to avoid the sacrifice from him. ~
    The Jorn parts are when I think my interpretation is more accurate. "So you're an angel meant to walk down here and you believe it's all divine and you don't play by all those temporal rules" and "when the lamb's been torn to pieces I've been crashing from the sky" are the verses I think the Crow is more and more the devil.
    As near to the end, when is mentioned a "Flight to hell" and the devil take the scarecrow's soul resembles what is said in the bible, that Jesus, when died, was down to hell to "defeat" the demon and then rise to heaven.

    Or I may be just nuts. Anyway, that's my thoughts.
    Bookbraton September 22, 2014   Link
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    General CommentOne of the best on the new album, but I'm not sure what it's talking about.
    thehumanroachon March 08, 2008   Link

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