"An Autopsy" as written by and Michael Keene....
Exhume this wretched corpse
Its lifelessness to be withheld
His pale face tells the story of an unjust life
A sickening story of uncomfortable familiarity

The saddened shadow of a man that once was
Casts me into disgrace
The dissecting begins in the chest
Bone saws gnaw through lifeless flesh

A heartless cavity reveals a painless end
Preceded by a pain unknown
His bold voice forever silenced

Sever the skull
His mind lies in peace
Free from the torment of existence

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"An Autopsy" as written by Michael Keene


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    General CommentThe easy explanation...."An Autopsy" is about a body of some sort that has been removed from it's grave and is being examined. The more complex explanation....it's not exactly an exhumed being that has been taken by graverobbers or anything, but a body that was dug up for an honest reason. They weren't examining someone who died naturally. This being had something else going on at the time of it's passing and they (the ones conducting the autopsy) are unraveling a story as they make each incision. As they examine him, they seem to become one with him in some eerie way. It's a very disturbing and graphic moment. I think that the being, when it was alive, became sudddenly taken over by something else....possibly a ghost or some source of evil and even after it had passed, the torment within itself had remained and the body's mind was trapped.

    After they "sever the skull", they free the being from the torment that was life and is death. I believe the mind of the being had been dormant and is now in discarnate form....where it goes is beyond me.

    This is a lot of explanation for one song, but I'm majorly into these guys and (side note) when you smoke bud, they take you on a trip you'd never imagine....hence the long explanation.

    KrackedJarson October 02, 2007   Link
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    General CommentAbsolutely agree with you. Really great song by a great band.
    DreamingInTheÆtheron November 30, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThe definition of "exhume" means to 'bring back from neglect,' which by what KrackedJars stated earlier, a grave of some kind, cast aside.

    "It's lifelessness to be withheld" is quite a confusing part, because withholding it's lifelessness would mean to refrain from believing that it is dead, meaning that it is either posessed by some sort of spirit (Noted in "The saddened shadow of a man that once was." Shadow being a term for ghost) or, the lesser, a zombie or undead.

    "Sickening story of uncomfortable familiarity" meaning what i think to be that they have seen something not unlike this, but it still makes them uneasy.

    "A heartless cavity reveals a painless end." It is unknown if they themselves removed the heart, or if they came upon it already gone.

    "Preceded by a pain unknown." In conjunction with the previous line, this states that his heart may have been taken from him and something may have possesed him through the area where his heart would be. (Remember "shadow?") This could cause indescribable pain.

    "His bold voice was forever silenced." Meaning he has suffered death and has no control of life anymore.

    The rest is well defined by KrackedJars.

    strangevanon February 28, 2008   Link
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    General CommentGreat song by the band. "Free from the torment of existence" It leads me to believe he/she wanted to die.
    Jphthe1 explicton March 24, 2008   Link
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    General Commentwhich would line up with the idea of being tormented and possesed by a spirit.

    i think if something were doing that to me, i would want to die too...
    theimmortalon April 24, 2009   Link
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    General CommentA man, taken from his long slumber, he died painlessly, but death is an unknown pain to anyone, so they remove his head, as his existence is already ended...
    manss2001on May 26, 2010   Link

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