"Act I: Chasing Suns" as written by and Green Embree....
Five on fire
Raise the bar
We multiply

All the fault you call
Has taken its toll
I jump out the window

(Yea) both eyes open wide
More frequently excuses blowing this place apart
Both repeat when he gets back

I was chasing suns across the circular path
(Take me free, I'm with you, take the pieces)
This is how I feel when I'm all alone
(Talking boy, I'm the voice that won't remind anyone)

(Yea) both eyes open wide
More faking excuses blowing this place apart
Both repeat when he gets back

(Yea) both eyes open wide
More faking excuses blowing this place apart
Both repeat when he gets back

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Act I: Chasing Suns song meanings
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    General CommentHalf the damn comments on this website about TSOAF is "who sings what" or "whos really in the band"...

    Can't we discuss the meanings at least a little bit??? There's so much... this band isn't about who's in it or who's singing, that's all ideally anonymous... it's about the places the music takes you, the deep unconscious parts of yourself it exposes. Try truly listening instead of having stupid conversations (even in your own head) about who's who or how much you prefer this vocalist or blah blah blah.

    Experience, sans judgement.
    bovineblitzkriegon March 29, 2008   Link
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    General Commentok just to clear things up: there are four versions of this song, from:

    1) tiger and the duke demos
    2) tiger and the duke
    3) tiger and the duke [re-issue]
    4) we must become the change we want to see [live dvd]

    -(3) is the only one without craig owens. it has matt kelly instead.
    -the only difference between (1) and (2) is an extra lyric by anthony green before "five on fire".
    -(4) is, of course, live with vocals by anthony green and craig owens.
    -on (4) anthony green switches up the lyrics a little. for example, he begins with "raise the bar, raise the bar" instead of "five on fire, raise the bar".

    so before you guys insult each other over who sings what, recognize that you might have a different version of the song than whoever you're arguing with.

    i also believe that, in every version, the third line, "we multiply" is actually "grace glorified".
    Maxwe11on April 24, 2010   Link
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    My Interpretationalso, anthony green was given the instrumentals of this song and was told to just sing. and he did it in only a few takes. so there was no writing process.

    this song, as well as the entire album, was all improvised. none of the band members were together to record it. rich balling just sent samples for people to record over. some of the band members never even met each other before the ocean and the sun.

    so i wouldn't go so far as to say the lyrics are meaningless... but yeah their pretty much meaningless. which is why none of it makes sense and most of these lyrics are wrong. i'm sure some of what he says aren't even words.

    but hey, it is fun to try and make it into words.
    Maxwe11on April 24, 2010   Link
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    General CommentDoes anyone know who sings the verse ("I was chasing suns across the circular path" and "This is how I feel when I'm all alone") for this song? And do you know if it is the same person for the remastered version which recently came out?

    It's obviously not Anthony Green since he does the rest of the vocals in the parenthesis. Could it have been Rich Zahniser by any chance?
    EchoStaticEpilepticon July 04, 2007   Link
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    General Commentummm, i have no idea, im gunna look on wkipedia to see who the members are but yeah its definitaly not anthony green,

    but this band is probbably the most craziest, wierdest but sweetest band ever, their reissue is sweet adn so is lover the lord has left us.

    but if u watch the live clip of horses in the sky craig owens says that this is the last time you will ever see, this ever.

    i hope thats not true
    AGfanon July 06, 2007   Link
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    General Commentactually i think it might be rich kelly from the autumns, thats my guess

    the wolf?
    AGfanon July 06, 2007   Link
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    General Commentdammit its matt kelly not rich kelly
    AGfanon July 06, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThat was another guess of mine as well, but just comparing his vocals on other TSOAF songs, as well as songs from his own band, it just doesn't quite fit to his style. He may have done it though... maybe.

    But yeah, Craig did say that on the DVD, so did Anthony after they playing this song too. You can never be too sure though. An interview with Rich Balling suggested they want a third album, so they might wanna play a couple more shows. Who knows... (The good thing is that RX Bandits and The Fall of Troy will be touring together soon, and since TFoT is also Equal Vision records, that tour might heighten their chance of appearing on the third album which Rich described would be "the apocalypse.")

    And on the subject of Rich, the DVD was the first time I've ever seen him. Do any of you know if he's always been in the condition he was in? Or did something happen some time before the shows?
    EchoStaticEpilepticon July 06, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthat would be awesome if they brought out another album, and i hope to god there is another show casue its like the concert of the lifetime, but where are the rx bandits and fall of troy playing

    also where did u pick up your dvd, ive looked everywhere, fye, hot topic where it was supposed to be and there was nothing
    AGfanon July 07, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThey haven't announced any east coast shows yet. There are just like 6 California shows and one more somewhere else.

    As for the DVD, I bought it online. It was the package of the DVD and the re-mastered Tiger CD.

    EchoStaticEpilepticon July 08, 2007   Link

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