"Ladies Choice" as written by Mandy Moore, Rachael Amanda Yamagata, Chris Holmes and John J. Alagia....
You did everything
I asked you not to
Look where it got you
I'm sure
You heard it before
But, how could you?
Baby, why would you?

Goodbye, sweetheart
Countdown started
Words are heavy
But I'm far from broken hearted
Goodbye stranger
I'll take the fall
Lies were tempting
You know you never really threw me off at all

Go ahead
Waste your time
Count me out
Take your place at the end of the line
Raise a glass
No surprise
Here's to us at the end of the line (Oh, yeah)
Here's to us at the end of the line (Oh, yeah)

I'll miss the version of you
Who loved me
And all that they don't see
You said you could be good
Somehow you're guilty
And you're not even sorry


[Chorus x2]

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"Ladies' Choice" as written by John J. Alagia Chris Holmes

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    General CommentI agree with you reb 809, i really think he had affairs before her (I'm sure you heard it before
    But how could you) and she knew her turn was coming (Countdown started) so it was her way of letting know its over.
    picturemeurson May 05, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThe first line in the last verse is "I miss the version of you".
    Not "I'm a messed version of you".
    sara186524on June 20, 2007   Link
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    General Commentugh i fucking LOVE this song... best song off her new CD by a mile. i especially love the lines:
    I miss the version of you who loved me and all that they don't see
    You said you could be good
    but somehow you're guilty and you're not even sorry
    t_doton July 06, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti agree t dot - this is by far the best song

    You said you could be good
    but somehow you're guilty and you're not even sorry

    nearly brings me to tears it so powerful - mandy sings it with so much passion
    most of meon July 25, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis reminds me of a guy at work who I really liked but who wasn't doing well and was on the verge of being sacked. I told him what he needed to do in order to keep his job and he basically did the opposite (not to spite me but because he was messed up and incapable of doing what I'd told him). Still makes me sad now he's gone :(

    Anyways! Mandy's version is very sad, but in a resigned way: she knew it was coming I think, and so was almost expecting it, even though she warned him of the consequences of his actions. She realises she never really knew him ("goodbye stranger") and is putting on a brave face to him ("you never really threw me off", "I'm far from broken-hearted").

    I also love the line: "I miss the version of you...", suggesting that in the beginning it was very different and he truly seemed to love her, including the very private side of her that she had never usually lets people see. This suggests that the fact that she has resigned herself to their fate has only come later, when the bad side of him has shown through. I think she raises her glass to it knowing that the time has come to break up and it is the best thing for her.
    REB_809on June 10, 2008   Link
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    General CommentPS do you think that it's called "Ladies' Choice" because her ex was having affairs? (and therefore he was the choice of other ladies?) The colon suggests the plural of ladies. Let me know if you have any insights!!
    REB_809on June 10, 2008   Link
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    General Commentthe name of the song "ladies choice" reminds me of like old fashioned dances where the guys lined up and ladies got to choose. like in the song she says "Take your place at the end of the line, Raise your glass". almost like she's saying that hes not worth picking, cause he didnt want to take the time in the relationship to do things right so she's not going to anymore
    jabell316on July 24, 2008   Link

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