A taste as old as cold water, an epic you told.
So long ago a place was set - heir to the throne.

The past is won and written down.
The truth has come from victory.

Big chair fell down, the oak is split, splinters abound.
A race for gold, a king's ransom, a random note.

An heir, a son, hand me down.
The future was known years ago.

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    General CommentFrom the LP Booklet,

    "When it comes right down to it, history is written by the victors. Whether it be victors of capitalism, victors of ideology, or even victors of brute force is inconsequential. What matters is that the human race is then blindly forced to endorse, subscribe to and believe in what is routinely presented before us through our formal education, upbringing, and daily life. As old money gets passed through bloodlines, you begin to see the trend of the same blood-soaked versions of history being upheld from textbook toe encyclopedia to religious scripture and so on. Those with the power inevitably pass it on to those who can uphold the standards set from one generation to the next.

    'History repeats itself' we often heard (and that's by design). What you read about, what you hear about... this can only account for HALF of the true story AT BEST. Recall the other popular saying that there are 'three sides to every story - his side, her side, and then the TRUTH.' Thus, no one person can be perceived as the end-all, say-all authority on anything. The REAL Truth lies somewhere in between what we can gather from as many sources as possible.

    This trend of Truth-through-dominance has been upheld since teh dawn of man. It will continue to be this way indefinitely unless the majority of any given generation is woken up and bitten in the ass both individually and collectively by the mere insistence on truth as it was REALLY played out. Are you willing to rise up and knock this ancient throne to the ground?"
    RecoveringPainon January 21, 2007   Link

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