"Winning Side" as written by and Danny Elfman....
It`s the winning side
And everybody`s cheering for the winning side
And the children leave their homes to join the winning side
And when Jesus comes He`ll march on with the winning side
And we`ve got all the right answers on the winning side

And the guiding light
Whether wrong or right
And we have no fear
No we have no fear
Waiting for the sign
We will give our lives
We will give our lives

And I feel so isolated
It`s so lonely here at night
I could almost feel you near me
I imagine that you`re with me

On the winning side
We don`t ask too many questions on the winning side
And I`ve got this strange sensation on the winning side
I don`t recognize the faces of the winning side
And we all live here in cages

Someone cried last night
And it made a sound
With my eyes closed tight
I hear everything
I can hear your voice
When I kiss the ground
When I kiss the ground

And I`d like to know you better
And I`d like to know your name
I could really show you something
If you give me half a chance
`Cuz I`m on the winning side

(Winning side)
In the sleepless night
When the blindness comes
Washing over me
Like a giant wave
On a sandles beach
Washing over me
I am proud to be

And I`d like to take you somewhere
That you`ve never been before
And I feel so isolated
And I feel so all alone
Here on the winning side
(And I feel so all alone)

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"Winning Side" as written by Danny Elfman

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    General CommentThe Crusades?
    purified_in_fireon June 06, 2008   Link
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    General CommentHmm...I never thought of the Crusades specifically, but yeah, I'd be inclined to go with it being a sarcastic commentary on general militarism and the like.
    PursuitofLifeon August 07, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about the general Mob mentality humans are so easily caught up in. We all want to belong to "something" and it feels good to belong. When we get wrapped up in The Mob (be it a church a political party, a small group of friends a counter culture) we forget wrong and right and lose our own values and don't question the status qou in fear of being outed from the "winning side" .
    So yes the crusades would fit that description as would the Nazis 'the republican party' the democratic party, any church goer who thinks any fellow man is not as good as he is for whatever reason.
    I have always liked the line "And when Jesus comes he'll march on
    With the winning side"
    I have always taken irony with that line as if it is saying there will be A LOT of people surprised on Jesus's return.
    However I could be reading more into this line than Danny meant as I am not sure how much he cares for religion but that is a sign of a great poet everyone can interpret their own philosophies to the poem.
    pentagontraileron October 17, 2008   Link

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