"A Lot Like Vegas" as written by and Malia Lee David Kean Matthew....
So cash in all your chips tonight baby, cuz were going out of style.
We could leave this city, if only for a while.
Well take this feeling to our graves
For every heart that we betrayed.
No one can know about this.
The only place ill ever call home, is my deathbed.

I know were so wrong, but it feels so right.
And its not a party, if it happens every night.
I'm running on empty, your running out of luck.
So lets ditch this city, before we sober up

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"A lot Like Vegas" as written by Malia Lee David Kean Matthew

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A Lot Like Vegas song meanings
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    General Commentstop posting hades chariot myspace links in every bmth lyric page
    Saosin777on May 28, 2007   Link
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    General Comment"We'll take this feeling to our graves, for every heart we betrayed.
    No one can know about this"
    This guy had a 'thing' with a girl while he was in a relationship but he knew it was wrong
    so he's like 'woah calm down this can't get out'

    "I know we're so wrong, but it feels so right"
    He knows this 'thing' that him and the 2nd girl is wrong even though it feels right

    "And it's not a party if it happens every night"
    They happen to do things like have sex every night
    but he can't use the excuse of 'oh i was at a party, it was a one time thing'
    because it's happening every night

    just some of my interpretation
    ShagNasty187on April 12, 2010   Link
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    General CommentNo comments? my god. i love this one. The "so cash in all your chips" part is something to do with gambling most likely. And he doesn't want anyone to know about something him and a friend of his did. And yeah anyway. I LOVE BMTH.
    Fear me dear.on December 28, 2006   Link
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    General CommentBMTH Fansite: nailthecasket.co.nr
    Haunted Devilon December 31, 2006   Link
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    General Commentbest song off 'Count Your Blessings' by far!
    DanielMiamion January 11, 2007   Link
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    General CommentMaybe he's talking about their wild partying/gambling/chaotic relationship and wanting to leave it for a while?

    ''So cash in all your chips tonight baby'' - gambling reference.

    ''The only place I'll call home is my death bed,''
    - the only time he'll go home or stop all the partying is when he dies from it basically.

    ''And it's not a party if it happens every night,
    I'm running on empty, you're running out of luck'' - tired of it, getting all the same. boring?

    I don't know. Just a basic guess.
    FalseSmileson January 24, 2007   Link
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    General Commentyou ever think that maybe the words are symbolic ...? duh
    Oureternalreston February 05, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI love this song.

    It seems like it would have to do with cheating on someone, or something.
    ratedxromanceon March 08, 2007   Link
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    General CommentMmmm this is my favorite song by them. BMTH is just fucking amazing. I think this song is about the lifestyle of a couple. They "gamble" with eachother's feelings so to say and it seems like it'll never end. Maybe "So let's ditch this city before we sober up" means like they should just leave all of their feelings before things become clear and they end up getting hurt. I dunno though. Fuck.
    Kaila_Catastropheon March 15, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthe song is about regret

    if you recall back to the first album, This is What the Edge of Your Seat was Made For, they had a song titled Traitors Never Play Hangman, which was Oli's dark confession of how he was miserable with the fact that he had cheated on the girl he was with.

    This i basicvally the same thing.

    "what happens in vegas stays in vegas"
    its a saying

    so all the gambling and vegas refrences has nothing to do with literal vegas.

    its just the context in which it fits.

    what he did, no one needs to know, aside from the people/persons there.
    daveyHORIZONon September 06, 2007   Link

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