A blue square to numb the pain
White hexagons to accelerate
Swallow yellow to relax
Whisky and a green one to forget the past

Speak to me now,
Won’t you put your guns in the ground?
Let’s sing till our voices break the sound

Doctors to say I’m sane
White rectangles now to concentrate
Another yellow to relax
Scribbled down solutions to erase the past

Got me feeling like an outsider
They’re in her drawer
But she says she doesn’t take ‘em
Got me feeling like an outsider they’re in her drawer
But she does not take ‘em all
Oh no now we’ve all been diagnosed
Oh no I can not feel at all

Society creates symptoms:
The system medicates them
(there is no progress in a cure,
they’ve got their eyes on the return
it came from our own hand
to squeeze the last survivor)

Kiss me baby, make it better, kiss me baby
You can make it better
Would you, would you ever?
Could you, could you ever?
(watch your life through a screen)

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    General Commentdamn. i just saw this song live last night and it is incredible. the new cd is so so so amazing. seriously. there should be more comments than just mine.

    i think it's about people who take drugs because doctors say they should. i think a lot of people are hypochrondriacs these days, who think they have a mental disorder because they fit the stereotype. they go to their doctor, get some pills to "feel normal". some people legitimately have problems. a lot of people don't. the pharmaceutical industry makes bank off people who use these pills, that's why doctors prescribe them even if people don't necessarily need them.
    theauroratheoryon July 24, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis is my favorite song off the new album so far, its amazing!!
    Zergonaleashon August 01, 2006   Link
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    General CommentTheauroratheory's got it right. Society projects an image of how everyone should be perfect. Apparently we should be just like the shiny happy people on TV and in advertisements. In an effort to become this 'perfect' person, people end up taking loads of medication for every little problem they think they have. When most of the time the problems aren't actually problems at all.

    In this song he uses a girl to represent the 'pure' human who does not take medication. And he feels like an outsider because he knows that he's impure. In the last bit of this song he wants to replace the medication with this girl so that she can make him better instead.
    skacore_dudeon August 06, 2006   Link
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    General CommentRight On (skacore dude & theauroratheory). Straight up I think it is insane how many ads there are for pills everywhere. It’s basically just the media telling Americans that their stupid and they can’t think for themselves which I believe is true at this point. I’ve lost all faith in the human race, because it has become a race that can’t be won…we’re on the wrong road and we need to pull the e-brake.

    But seriously how obvious can it be...the number one health risk in America is obesity! There’s an obesity epidemic and because one of the most common traits in Americans is laziness, why not sell magic pills that make you lose weight. But, at the same time lets help our fellow man by building more McDonalds and Burger Kings. This is part of the reason why we just don’t have a chance to change for the better…BECAUSE NO ONE CARES!!!

    Matt Embree is one of the smartest men I don’t know. In “On A Lonely Screen” he needs a pill just to feel her insides is a relevant lyric. Like how many ED pills are there on the market…it’s not natural…if you need a pill to feel you don’t even know what feeling feels like because you can’t, and no pill will help you.

    I feel as though Matt’s hoping and waiting for a change but, i’m sorry to say that that change is coming and it’s one for the worse.

    “What has happened to my country? we have become worse than the imagined enemy - killing civilians and calling it 'collateral damage', torturing and trampling human rights inside and outside our own borders, violating our own Constitution whenever it seems convenient, lying and stealing right and left, more concerned with sports on television and ring-tones on cell-phones than the future of the world.... half the population is taking medication because they cannot face the daily stress of living in the richest nation in the world.” - Malachi Ritscher
    SMUSER17106149on December 11, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI have been on and off anti depressants and mood enhancers since 2003. A chemical imbalance is what I'm told I suffer from. Believe me, I wish I didn't have to take any pills to help me feel regulated, but without them I relapse and start to feel like shit, and in turn I take shit out on my loved ones and that's not fair. I love this song. Viva la RX Bandits
    Sleepagenton August 31, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI agree with most of what everyone has already said, it is a great song and has some of the best lyrics I have ever heard. I also enjoyed how the music set the mood for the different stages that he coped with.

    This is the way I see it;

    1st verse: He is taking the pills for the first time.
    2nd verse: The pills take effect and he feels a sort of detachment from himself and he is trying to be heard.
    [i]"Won’t you put your guns in the ground?".[/i] the pills have lowered his defences.
    3rd verse: When he visits the doctor they tell him it's all ok and he will stay sane as long as he continues to take those pills everyday.
    4th verse: There is a change in tempo. He is in another daze from the pills but as he tries to get on with his life he finds it difficult since he feels like an outsider in his own body. While he is trying to come to terms with this, he finds out that this girl takes pills also, yet she doesn't claim it all as hers.
    5th verse: He realises that he has been sucked into a marketing scheme and that society are purposely neglecting to find a real cure.
    6th verse: he grows desperate for an alternative solution and he asks the girl if she wants her life to turn out like everyone elses.
    Passer-byeon September 28, 2007   Link
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    General CommentLove is the solution, not the drugs shoved down your throat.

    (no offense to people who really do need them)

    And I think the "Would you, would you ever" part is one of the most intense pieces of music i've ever heard. Does anyone else feel like they know exactly what he's asking? It can't really be explained...

    I would... but can I?
    bovineblitzkriegon November 08, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI love everyone's interpretation of the song, I just feel that it isn't simply pharmaceutical companies faults that people take these pills. If anything I think society is tired of trying to work through its own problems, so instead of using hard work and purpose to fix depression, instead of using discipline to solve ADD or ADHD, people go for a quick fix and take the pills instead.

    I love that Matt doesn't simply talk about the pills given off by doctors, but talks about all forms and manners of coping with issues without looking into oneself and finding the answer.

    When you need a pill to feel, will you ever truly feel again?
    PasosOlvidadoson May 12, 2009   Link

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