"Legacy" as written by Francis Xavier, Jamie Stevens and Manuel Sharrad....
Aquaman knows what to do
Days seem shorter than they are
Finished counting all the stars
Feel the gears wind down again
Another paycheck to cash in
May the lord of flesh and bone
Leave you some to call your own
As we slowly feel our way
Through another shapeless day

up the hill to sow some seed
Nostalgia's warmth is all we need
Past disappointments turn to steam
We're superheros, in our dreams
Throw the radio up high
Watch it drown out half the sky
Synaesthesia coloured blue
Aquaman knows what to do

The secrets that we keep
Send our children fast asleep
Keep your head lights nice and low
It's a subtle tempting show
Through the windsweep we can see
A cinematic legacy
Leaving cities paved with gold
To pilot frigates through our souls

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"Legacy" as written by Manuel Sharrad Antonio Giovanni Gambale

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    General CommentGreat Song. It took me a while lol...

    It is strictly referring to the predicament of modern humans as we serve the 'machine'. It warns us about the toll recent events (i.e.pices has been a now steaming disappointment) and is illustrated by us experiencing the sad feeling blue through multiple senses we possess. It also highlights to us the dangers of being distracted (i.e. by the subtle tempting show), to allow us to be part of the manifest of the Dawn of the age of Aquarius ( hence Aqua Man, the water bearer). We need a collective transcendence of human consciousness (high frequencies), and to no longer continually cover up the atrocities we have committed in our past, which will allow us to hand our children truth for once.

    It also touches on our mysterious origins hinting we where a once a grand civilisation (streets paved with gold), but right now our responsibility is to break from our sojourn to discover new truth (piloting the frigate through our soul), as this is the cornerstone of the power available to us in this age.

    Let me just say it wasn't very long ago i thought this subject was all just rubbish, now i am realising its our only hope... gonna be a few interesting years!!!
    paul3377on December 05, 2017   Link
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    General CommentI’ve been on the path of “finding myself” for some time now. I made a recent eye-opening discovery about myself. It was so obvious. But I was blind to it because I didn’t have the balls to face it dead on. It was way too painful, way to shocking to look at. Thus, it was repressed for almost two decades. There’s this saying: a boulder underground is just as heavy as a boulder on the surface. In hindsight, I see that because I repressed it, the pain always came up in some way, shape, or form. Healing began only when awareness and understanding came into the picture.

    As I sat there shocked over this discovery, the following lyrics came up:

    “The secrets that we keep send out children fast asleep.” I never faced it. Thus I’ve been keeping this secret from myself. I was asleep. I wasn’t aware that something had me on a leash. It was only when I was brutally honest with myself that I woke up from that dreadful sleep and was able to start anew.

    “Keep your headlights nice and low, it’s a subtle tempting show.” I interpreted “headlights” as being our conscious awareness. The “subtle tempting show” refers to how we unconsciously put on a show of ourselves to the world. We unconsciously weave together this story/show and we believe this is who we are. We identify fully with it because we know no other way. It’s a subtle tempting show.

    “Through the windsweep we can see, a cinematic legacy.” The windsweep refers to the incessant stream of thoughts we identify with. Most people are so unconscious/asleep that they no longer use thoughts as a tool; rather, thoughts have people on a leash. Thoughts control us. By Grace, some people can SEE through this thick wall of thoughts (windsweep)… and thus get in touch with a cinematic legacy. Cinematic Legacy refers to the Essence of who we are… Awareness… Truth… call it what you may.

    “Leaving cities paved with gold, to pilot frigates through our souls.” When you go beyond the thick wall of incessant thoughts/windsweep, you get in touch with the Cinematic Legacy/Awareness/Truth… And when that happens, anywhere you go will be paved with gold… Well, in truth, anywhere you go is already paved with gold… it’s just that getting caught up in the windsweep prevents you from seeing it. When you are in touch with the Cinematic Legacy/Awareness/Truth, it is naturally drawn to the pain and suffering in you… It is drawn to that which is false… the very thing that causes pain and suffering. It gently taps you on the shoulder, telling you the importance of having to face that which you aren’t willing to face. Thus, it “pilots frigates through our souls.”
    Awarenesson May 06, 2010   Link

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