"Deus Ex Machina" as written by and Omar Rodriguez....
Reina, reina de mi vida
Llena mi reino de alegria
Tiene brillo en su mirada
Goza de belleza consagra

Se me hacen largas las horas
Cuando no estas a mi lado
Un sello de ti lo llena
El amor que he profesado

Alcanzando a comprender
Que eres reina de mi vida
Y en tu cabeza coloco
La corona merecita

se me hacen cortas las horas
si te tengo bien cercita
y la flor se marchita
cuando se oye tu suspiro

tu mirar como un filo
que penetra bien profundo
controlas asi mi mundo
linda reina de mi vida

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"Deus Ex Machina" as written by Omar Rodriguez

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Deus Ex Machina song meanings
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    General Commentqueen, queen of my life
    fills my kingdom with happiness
    has a shine in her image
    enjoys consacrated beauty

    the hours are long
    when you aren't by my side
    the love that i have professed
    fills your seal?

    reaching to comprehend
    that you are the queen of my life
    and on your head i place
    the crown you deserve?

    the hours are short
    if i have you close by
    and a flower wilts
    when it hears your sigh

    you look like an edge
    that penetrates deeply
    like this you control my world
    beautiful queen of my life

    more or less
    i'm not a native speaker either
    meafeitoconespadaon November 23, 2007   Link
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    General Commentawesome song love everything about it !!! basically i love song and its talking about how special the girl is
    themisfit_78on August 16, 2006   Link
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    General CommentOkay here is a very ROUGH translation of the song. I'm not a native speaker and have limited vocabulary, but since no one has translated it yet, here it goes:
    Queen, queen of my life
    Fill, my kingdom of happiness
    has bright in her sight
    (something about beauty)

    the hours are long (something along these lines, this is not exact)
    when you are not at my side
    (no idea)
    the love that has professed

    reaching to understand
    that you are the queen of my life
    and on your head i place
    the crown (?)

    the hours are short
    if I have you well around
    and the flower shrivels(?)
    when it hears your sigh

    you look like a (?) (I think this line should read "tu miras como un filo)
    that pierces very profoundly
    you controll so my world
    adjoins(?) the queen of my life

    so yeah, just reading through those lyrics there are a lot of mistakes, and there are no accent marks. Also another note is that the lyrics have a lot of "ita"s in it, which is like a suffix of endearment in Spanish.

    But yeah, that's my undoubtly horribly incorrect translation, but you kind of get the gist.
    pennyroyalon May 27, 2007   Link
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    General CommentQueen, queen of my life
    Fill my kingdom of joy
    You shine in your eyes
    Enjoy beauty enshrines

    It makes me long hours
    When you're not beside me
    A seal fills you
    The love I professed

    Reaching understanding
    You are queen of my life
    And I put in your head
    The crown merecita

    I do shorter hours
    I have really close if you
    and the flower fades
    when you hear your sigh

    you look like an edge
    that penetrates deep
    so you control my world
    beautiful queen of my life
    pointless triangleon August 05, 2010   Link

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