"Proud To Be" as written by and Derek Gledhill Ryan Martin....
Here I am and with my big cock
So bend over boy and take my best shot
All I wanna be is the boss of you
This cowboy hat makes me king
I thought that you knew

That's why I'm proud to be
I'm so very proud to be
I'm so goddamn proud to be
I'm so fuckin' proud to be an American right now

I'm so glad man that we rule the world
That would suck if they told us what to do
Our country here is a shining pearl
In a world that is so unjust and cruel

That's why I'm proud to be
I'm so very proud to be
I'm so goddamn proud to be
I'm so fuckin' proud to be an American right now

All my life I've dreamed of
Giving the finger to the, rest of the world
Ya the rest of the world
When I sleep I dream of our bombs leveling the rest of the world
Ya the rest of the world

That's why I'm proud to be
I'm so very proud to be
I'm so goddamn proud to be
I'm so fuckin proud to be an american right now

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"Proud to Be" as written by Ryan Martin Derek Gledhill


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    General CommentThis song is written in complete mockery of this nation that somehow thinks that other countries are under our rule... and how we run the world... this song is beautifully sarcastic and the meanings comes across in such offensive mockery... and i love this song... and this band... they are never bashful and for that they have my respect...
    freemyarseon July 27, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis is a great song, it kinda reminds me off cigaro by soad, also about america acting like it's the ruler of this world, bah, bush sucks...
    Kaliyugaon February 26, 2006   Link
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    General CommentAre you that dumb, or are you just kidding? Because I'm pretty sure SES didn't try to be patriotic or what, this song is their interpretation of how modern american man sees himself, his country and the rest of the world. It's sarcastic, not patriotic, just like most of the other songs on that CD. However, I hope that some Americans aren't so "proud to be".

    And I have an advice for you, who didn't understand the lyrics completely, you might find it useful - when listening to lyrics, try to think about them a bit. Sometimes the meaning is hidden very well.

    By the way - thetrukillat said how stupid the lyrics are - I have to agree with that - you see how stupid acting like the "ruler of the world" and all that pride and arrogance is?
    MatZon April 30, 2006   Link
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    General CommentYeah really. You guys are real idiots to not know this is sarcastic. The majority of songs on both of the albums are sarcastic, reflecting on how civilized the "civilized world" in America is right now. I thought it was a particularly nice touch to have the "Cody" skit right before this song.
    Maekrixon May 31, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI like the feeling they were trying to get across in the song but I don't like how they tried to say it. Sure they're trying to capture the arrogance in americans but the way they did it didn't appeal to me.
    And to airic, the reason we don't leave america if we don't like it is because we have the right to change america for the better if we try.
    Why run away from your country and leaving it corrupt? Wouldn't you feel remorse if you left your country when you felt you could change it?
    neverhaveon June 09, 2006   Link
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    General Comment"this song is retarded...if u dont like america then why dont u jsut get the fuck out? noone's stopping u, unlike other countries"

    typical dumbass american. you are what make us americans look bad.

    but like the others have said. this song is sarcastic. its like this is war and fight of a suburban couple.
    Masochiston July 31, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIt's "IMPERIALISM"...that's all it is, every day I learn more and more about how fucked up the government in this country is...and every day SES's songs make more and more sense to me.

    I hope you're "proud to be" an american...while you support the government taking over and infiltrating other countries for land and resources. neverhave's right...dont run, It's time to do something about this crap
    droptozroon October 26, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI came across this information about this song when exploring google: Proud To Be", which, against the
    backdrop of the Iraq war, Danielsen sings in the character of an
    unquestioning, arrogant redneck.

    "These songs are bubbling with sarcasm," Danielsen admits. "There's an attitude
    amongst some Americans that we're the shit and we're gonna take on the whole
    world. I like this country and I'm proud to be a part of this country, but I'm
    not proud to be a part of that side of the country."..and holy shit you have to be really dumb and/or close minded too not catch on with the sarcasmn in this song. the cody skit before it is kinda weird, dude sounds kind of annoying but that has nothing to do with this..
    MorningLighton October 14, 2007   Link
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    General CommentVery typical song for SES!
    Ukraineon October 13, 2008   Link
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    General Commentmadbabyjesus you really don't like the self-titled cd?? Why not?! It's incredible! Better than something you could make.
    DJgifon April 04, 2009   Link

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