"The Darkest Star" as written by and Martin Lee Gore....
Oh you sad one
Playing the Angel
Isn't so easy where you're from

Oh you wild one
Devil's companion
You won't stay satisfied for long

I don't want you to change anything you do
I don't want you to be someone else for me

Oh you dark one
Eternal outsider
Caught in the spider's web you've spun

Oh you blind one
Gentle and kind one
Seeing the world as a loaded gun


Stay as you are the Darkest Star
Shining for me


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"The Darkest Star" as written by Martin Gore

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    My InterpretationIn my opinon, this song is a wonderful description of each and every one of the members of the band and about Depeche Mode itself.

    The first paragraph tells us about Alan Wilder, former member of the band, the most important one at a sound level. He was in the band from 1982 to 1995 and left due to not having the other members' recognition. While the others were partying, he used to stay in the studio with the engineers and the producers to find new sounds for the songs. But the praises went to Dave Gahan (the singer) and Martin Gore (the songwriter). The song references to the sadness the situation created in him and the fact that "playing the angel" (creating music for Depeche Mode) wasn't so easy for him without the others' assistance.

    The second paragraph is a clear description of the singer, Dave Gahan. In his wildest years, he was known to have a difficult personality and he always was angry. Besides that, everyone knows about his drug addiction problems in the late 80s and early 90s…that meant that he had to "dance" with the devil many times. As he wasn't happy, of course he wasn't fully satisfied with his life.

    The third description tells us about Martin Gore, the band's songwriter. He's always been an outsider, since in music bands, the spotlight is usually on the singer. But he feels comfortable with that role due to his shy personality, although he normally sings a couple of songs in every album. Of course, the band is still alive because of the spider web he's been spinning for more than 30 years.

    Finally, the forth description goes to the most unknown member of the band: Andy Fletcher. He's basically the treasurer and the manager of the band and has no musical influence at all in the group. But he's mainly the link that keeps the tension away between Dave Gahan and Martin Gore (two difficult and opposite personalities). He is short-sighted (he wears glasses or prescription lenses sunglasses), so he's "blind". In the last line, the songs says that he sees the world as a loaded gun, since he is known to be quite cautious and mistrustful.

    The chorus tells us about the band itself. After so many years of problems, success and break-up possibilities, the song tells that the band should stay where it is and change nothing at all, by working the same way they've worked up until this moment because that's been the key to their success. If they do so, the band will keep shining and the darkest star (the Depeche Mode music style: dark and obscure sometimes) will continue its existence.

    At least, that's my vision and my opinion.
    alberto114on February 17, 2017   Link

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