"Guess Who's Back" as written by Raymond Murray, Rico Wade, Patrick Brown, Feldman, Goldstein, Gottehrer, Henderson, Howse, Mccane and Scruggs....
Guess who's back. [Repeat: x7]

[Krayzie Bone: x2]
Who the thugs with the wickedest rhymes
Wickedest rhymes, wickedest rhymes

[Chorus: x4 Krayzie Bone & LaReece]
Bone Thugs back and your gonna be in trouble

[Krayzie Bone]
We keep it goin' get it for the Mid West
Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy, Wish
We can't forget about Flesh
We finna drop another bomb
We figure they can't take another rhyme
Come back off and get um with another platinum ryhthm
And they won't fuck in the lab
They want to try to keep up so come on
Thirty million sold and that I'll just stay at that now what about that
Listen to the thuggish
And listen to every other rapper rap about who that come from
Talkin' Bone fell off
Say what they bust just like us
They ain't even knowin' were it came from like richer niggas
They ain't going to give it to us so we gon take it
We just come to tell you that Bone Thugs back
And we still creepin'


Guess who's back. [Repeat: x7]

[Wish Bone]
Now tell me how many thugs
Get down like us
And still harmonize like the great Temptations
Sit back look back
Came in the game
Came right back (back) With no hesitation
Put up yo money honey what ever ya got we won't lose
Put up or shut up
Get slapped in front of all your dogs
And all your dudes
Cause I'm a smarter thug all ways wanted to be a thug
What do you think
Do you think he gon do something
Don't let the money fool you
Don't let the money do you
Cause it ain't really about nothin' (nothin')
Its just so much they gon let in
Toss that we gon show you who you are messin' with
That's why I started a war in this rap game
You got to hit hard
And let them now who they dealin' with

Guess who's back. [Repeat: x7]

[Krayzie Bone & Lareece]
Bone Thugs back and your gonna be in trouble

[Krayzie Bone: x4]
Who the thugs with the wickedest rhymes
Wickedest rhymes, wickedest rhymes

[Layzie Bone]
When we meet on the concrete jungle
We can do it
We can rumble
Take it to the streets
And let the whole world crumble
All I ever seen was heavy smoke in the air
Bustin' heavy shots
They just don't care
If you don't then I'm goin to get all the bloodiness
Niggas want peace but I know they all goin' test us
The thugs comin' back to bring the thug essence
Thugs comin' back to bring back the thug blessings
For the lord where doin' to fight the wind
I'ma fight to get them all hyped again
Tell the Bone Thug story again
If a nigga still hatin' a pipe again
Like I did before creep creep and I came
Just four more niggas down for there thing
Never been afraid to let my nuts hang
How to you think Bone Thug made it to the top of the game nigga


[Bizzy Bone]
Fully automatic loaded
Remy Martin fill my potion
Coastin' on freeways keep rollin' till we hit the ocean
Motion on freeways bout to bustin on niggas bostion
Popi Cholos solo with my pistol so smokin'
Pullin' pop up bitch nigga if you talkin'
Tokin', tortin' with my pistol
Got you people open
These niggas is enemys
Shots up in they body
Never was friend to me
Pass me the Hennessey

[Krayzie Bone & Lareece]
Bone Thugs back and your gonna be in trouble

[Krayzie Bone: x4]
Who the thugs with the wickedest rhymes, wickedest rhymes, wickedest rhymes.

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"Guess Who's Back" as written by Bob Feldman Anthony Henderson

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