"Paperthin Hymn" as written by and Deon Rexroat (16581) Joseph Milligan (16580)....
In this moment synchronized inside, words that paint a legacy of life
A different picture will unfold, a healing finds it's way through
Sifted times I take another breath, with an ambience of nothing left
So heal my heart rain down your love these waters bring me back to life

Father, healer deliver me from broken love
Stay here, closer let me hear your voice of love

There's a healing calling from the wind, there's a healer waiting to begin
In timeless places, traced and faceless will I learn to let go
Take me to the heights where love controls,
far away from home but feels so close
This empty heart of mine will fall inside and bring me back to life


You can hold,
You can mend,
You can heal,
You can break out hope 'cause something etched this way

Father, healer deliver me from broken love
Stay here, closer let me hear your voice of love
Savior, Redeemer bring me to this place of peace
Jesus, guardian my broken heart is so in need

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"Paperthin Hymn" as written by Joshua Allen Cain Justin Courtney Pierre

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Paperthin Hymn song meanings
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    General Commentthis is how i understand the song:

    "When your only friends are hotel rooms
    Hands are distant lullabies
    If I could turn around I would tonight"

    > he is lonely and alone in hotel rooms all the time, because he's on tour and he cannot spend alot of time with his family/friends. he wants to go home more, but being on tour is his job and he needs to do that.

    "These roads never seemed so long
    Since your paperheart stopped beating
    leaving me suddenly alone
    Will daybreak ever come?"

    >now someone dear to him has died and he's feeling like he can never get home, like there isn't really a home to go back to anymore. the paperheart refers to the heart of the person who died, and "paper" could mean that this was an old person, as paper is often used to signify something thin and easily torn.

    "Who's gonna call on sunday morning?
    Who's gonna drive you home?
    I just want one more chance
    To put my arms in fragile hands"

    > now that the other person is dead, he knows he will miss his/her support, the calls on sunday morning and he's wondering who will take care of him now. he wishes for another chance to be with the other person, to hug him/her and tell him/her he loves him/her.

    I thought you said forever
    Over and over
    The sleepless night becomes bitter oblivion
    These thoughts run through my head
    Over and over
    Complaints of violins become my only friends

    > he thought the other person would always be there and now he realises that things changed, that death breaks up this "forever". the violin is often seen as one of the most expressive instruments and to be almost like the human voice. thus the complaints of violins are the intense feelings and maybe regrets that now keep him company and which torture him in a way.

    August evenings
    Bring solemn warnings
    To remember to kiss the ones you love goodnight
    You never know what temporal days may bring
    So laugh, love, live free and sing
    When life is in dischord
    Praise ye the lord

    > the loved one who died, probably died in August, thus he talks about August evenings, and how they now remind him to keep telling the people he loves that he loves them while they're still alive. he encourages others to live fully and to turn to the lord and praise him, even when life is tough.

    i think this is one of the most awesome songs (also the first one i heard from this album), and it just pulls you in and you can't help feeling the anguish and just being a part of the song. i think that's such an amazing talent to have, to be able to do that through music. anberlin is an inredible band! i LOVE their songs!
    angel101on March 11, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI saw Anberlin live a few weeks ago, and right before the played this song, he kind of explained the song. Very briefly, he said that the song is about a couple that has gone out for a long time and the girl gets sick with cancer and is hosiptalized. So the boy tells the girl that he will stay by her side forever, well he lies and then leaves right before she dies. Paperthin is meaning their relationship in the end.
    hutchinson712on February 28, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis song to me...is about a guy who is truly in love with this girl. and although things arent always good between them two he still loves her. when it says "when your only friends are hotel rooms" its basically just meaning...that people will come in and out of your life whether you realize it or not..and he just wants another chance to be with her again to make things better because she promised him she'd be there for him and it ended up being the total opposite. he felt like he had to have her to rely on...because life is always about having people coming in and out of our life...but you kno when it says "when life is in discord praise ye the lord" basically meaning when that person passes off and you feel like you have no one else to go too always know you have God because thru it all God is watching you and everything that is happening....this song is just all about losing someone and knowing your not alone..because God knows...idc if anyone thinks im wrong or not..but anberlin is a great band. they do NOT talk about sex...just because it says when your only friends are hotel rooms doesnt mean he is girl hoppin and having sex with mulitple girls. to anyone else they may not seem like your average typical christian band because every song doesnt mention God in it one way or another...but they're songs are actually about things that we as christians struggle with as well as those who dont even believe...really people its like listening to Underoath not every song has to have God in it...because they are writing about things that like i said christians struggle with today. we arent perfect we go thru things the same way the average non christian goes thru. always remember..you dont have to be completely talking about God in your songs when you sign on a christain label...because to them...ITS EVERYTHING.

    dont judge...dont critize...just lissen to the words and the music that goes along with it...
    capturedenadreamon March 18, 2006   Link
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    General Comment"2. Although Anberlin is not listed as a Christian band, many of their songs refer to Bible verses in some way, shape, of form. Also, all of the members are Christians and do not deny their faith.

    3. About the whole Godspeed lyric thing...
    "When needles and lovers collapse on guilty beds" might be talking about sex, it might not. But it's not putting sex into the context that most other music does these days. It's talking about sin, and your sins catching up to you."

    I agree completely.

    Anberlin is a "christian band", because the members are Chrisitian.
    Most people stereotype Christian bands, thinking they have lyrics about God; no, that is a Worship band. Huge difference.

    In a radio interview, Stephen said that it's about his Grandmother. She was dying in the hospital, and the doctor said that her heart was as thin as paper. She unfortunately passed away; the song is in her memory. Simple truth.
    HiddenTrackon January 07, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI love this song.But does anyone know what the vid really means?
    My interpretation of it was more of a girl whos obviously sick..and the boy next to her is not her boyfriend but like someone who is with her..in that coma like state.And they're connected through that..I dont know thats what it just struck me as.
    TeenAgeKickson October 26, 2008   Link
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    General Commentthe lyric about the "hotel rooms" isn't a referecne to sex. it talking about a lost soul without a home or without meaning.

    I don't understand how anyone could think this is about sex when this song is so depressing.

    DownsideToSuicideon July 15, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthe video is more like the girl is dreaming the whole time about good times with the significant other in the hospital. but then she wakes up in the hospital, and he's on the other bed dying. u dont know that till you actually pay attention to the end where she opens her eyes.
    blc43519on November 14, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis song is going to be on their upcoming album which will be released Feb 1, 2005.... BUT I need help from Anberlin fans... This song is currently on their purevolume page... I would like help correcting my transcribed errors... I know a few of these words are wrong and I cannot find out what he's singin at the part "Then I'll (??) " i was thing breathe again or breathe the air hell I duno if its the word breathe... but anyways I love this song and I think i may be about the band realized how harsh life on the road is and the temptations of the road and missing the ones you love on the road but still keeping faith in Jesus...
    ADimeADexteron December 21, 2004   Link
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    General Commentthe line in ? in the chorus is:
    "then an oblivion" or at least I think so...

    Either way, this song is def awesome. A new step for Anberlin, and a great one.
    redgrindleon December 24, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThanx man... Yeah it is a HUGE step for Anberline lyric wise... their music has always been equially awesome... But anyways I believe that is the lyric too... I'd say i got 90% of the lyrics right...
    ADimeADexteron December 24, 2004   Link

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