"And So It Goes" as written by and Billy Joel....
In every heart there is a room
A sanctuary safe and strong
To heal the wounds from lovers past
Until a new one comes along

I spoke to you in cautious tones
You answered me with no pretense
And still I feel I said too much
My silence is my self defense

And every time I've held a rose
It seems I only felt the thorns
And so it goes, and so it goes
And so will you soon I suppose

But if my silence made you leave
Then that would be my worst mistake
So I will share this room with you
And you can have this heart to break

And this is why my eyes are closed
It's just as well for all I've seen
And so it goes, and so it goes
And you're the only one who knows

So I would choose to be with you
That's if the choice were mine to make
But you can make decisions too
And you can have this heart to break

And so it goes, and so it goes
And you're the only one who knows.

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"And So It Goes" as written by Billy Joel

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    General CommentThey're right. It's about Elle MacPherson, not Elizabeth, though it's entirely possible that (based on other things we know about Joel) the two were taking place at about the same time.

    I admire and respect the man, and he's probably my favorite artist of all time, but even I can admit that he isn't exactly known for his fidelity.

    He does state in interviews that this about Elle however, and they didn't start (publicly) dating until he was divorced from Elizabeth.
    Alastoron July 20, 2010   Link
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    General CommentTo write a song this deep, you MUST know what hurt is. The great songwriters have LIVED. That is the only way they can touch you so profoundly.

    What a piece life this song is!
    MarkL5on December 22, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthis song really speaks to me, since i've definitely lost relationships by keeping silent. i really love it, and it reminds me of one specific time in my life, and i end up crying almost every time i hear it. i have a great version of it live at the NYE concert and i love it.
    rachypoo6on April 15, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI heard this song from the mixed honor choir in Alabama and just cried my heart out. I am a very quiet person and have experienced good and bad things because of it. It is hard to know when to stay quiet and when to express your love or gratitude. Love the love. And dont be afraid.
    JessiLon April 28, 2002   Link
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    General CommentMy friends at All-State told me I had to hear this, and each verse reminds me of one of my friends. The first verse makes me think of Kelli L. she is there to heal wounds and to help me and give me a "room" in her heart until I'm better. The second reminds me of Lindsay B. I speak to her a LOT and I do it in "cautious tones" because I know she will always know what's up with me. Once Im through I feel like I have spoken too much, and so I try to be silent and not speak so much. Hence, my silence is my self-defense. The third reminds me of really of myself. I never really see the beauty of the "rose" (situation) until it has passed, and I while it is there I feel all the thorns and negativeness about it. The fourth, without a doubt reminds me of Jessi L. She is the most soft-spoken, yet honest person I know, and I am sure she is afraid that her silence will make others leave, when in fact it makes them stay. And while they stay, she finds a place for them, and allows them to leave and break her heart. The fifth, oddly, reminds me of Ashley B. It seems odd, but I really think she keeps her "eyes" closed because of all she has seen. I dont wanna tell anything, but it very much applies to her. And lastly, the 6th verse is Melissa J. she wants to be a friend to all, that's if she could make the choice, but it's not always her choice, so sometimes, she will kindly acknowledge that we can make choices too, and lets people break her heart. And so it goes, and so it goes.
    heafaron April 28, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthis song makes me cry every single time i listen to it..i love it so much, even billy sounds sad when he's singing it...its just amazing
    CountMyCrowson May 17, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI'm listening to this right now and it is a beautiful song, but i find it very sad but at the same time hopeful.
    freddysgirlon May 29, 2002   Link
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    General Commentsigh. yeah ... my high school a capella group sang this as one of our standard numbers. we always did it really well ... I think because it is such a touching song, one can't help but WANT to sing it well.

    it's about, well, just caring very much for somebody and not knowing if that person feels in kind, and then just throwing caution to the wind and putting yourself out there. everything about this song is just so heartbreaking ... and billy joel is just, well, I can't think of anyone I'd rather hear sing this song (well ... I can think of a boy I'd love to have sing this to me, but that's beside the point). yeah. so. awesome.
    catherinekson July 04, 2002   Link
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    General Commentwell, yeah, here i go again not being able to express myself. but after the conversation i had with this amazing boy last nite, it's exactly how i feel. i'll share my room if he wants, but i can't help thinking he won't want to . . .
    chickonstageon September 14, 2002   Link
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    General Commentyeah. our chorus just did this song too (guys only though). and it's an amazing song. the crowd always loves this song. so sincere.
    i can relate to this part the best:
    "And so it goes, and so it goes
    And so will you soon I suppose "
    and this is my favorite line:
    "And you can have this heart to break "
    PRtwilight85on May 04, 2003   Link

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