"Silent Screams" as written by Bob Marlette and Robert John Arthur Halford....
Look at me I'm chasing
After dreams left in the storm
What I am is all
That really matters now
That lies are gone -
That lies are gone,
All the lies are gone,
The lies are gone.

Tempting fate and losing
Friends along the way I loved
No regrets
I'm standing
With a needle in my heart -
Needle in my heart,
Needle in my heart,
Needle in my heart.

You'll never know
My life means everything
Still I scream because
There's nothing left to do until the end.

The world goes on
With all that I've become
And still I scream inside
For all the pain I've taken hasn't changed.

Nothing's changed at all
The truth is like a chain
Heaven's calling me
The place that I belong
Killing pain -
Killing pain.

Close my eyes a million faces
Get inside my mind.
Take a breath and fill my troubled
Soul with all mankind.
Killing pain -
Killing pain,
I'm killing pain,
Killing pain.

The world goes on
With all that I've become.
And still I scream inside
For all the pain I've taken hasn't changed...

The man in black
I'm coming back to spew my evil hate.
My crown of horns and bloody thorns
I'll dig up what you fear.

I am the shape that's in your room that watches over you.
I am the needle in your heart - your disillusioned God.

I am God, I am fate, I am all the sins you make, yeah - hate.
I am black, I am white, I am the blood upon the knife, yeah - hate.

Since time began I made a vow to drag you underground;
To steal your soul of purity and watch you waste away.

I am pure, I am right, I'm the God that makes you fight, yeah - hate.
I am life, I am death, I will steal your final breath, yeah - hate.

I prey upon your broken dreams your weakness gives me strength.
I'm laughing at your silent screams I'll crush you with my hate.

You take it all
And face the fear that's here
Until the Silence Screams
it leaves you with no choice to carry on.

You'll never fall
When all is said and done
The only Scream is here
The journey never ends - it's just begun...

The lies that never learned
The needles in my heart
And things will never change
So everytime I scream I'm killing pain.

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"Silent Screams" as written by Robert John Arthur Halford Bob Marlette

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    General Commenti think contrary to what i've heard other people say, that this song is about comming out and telling the world that being gay has been hard, but it's the way that he is, and he can't change it. i would also like to add that he most likely is upset of the reactions people have given him. for the record i am not gay, i'm just heavily into halfords music, and i see him as one of the main god of the music i listen to, poison the well, from autumn to ashes and hopesfall wouldn't be bands if not for halford.
    genociaon September 03, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti understand by this song that it s about halford confecing his sexuality, ´´All the lies are gone´´
    and that he is still there altough friends had left him when they heard that he was gay ´´Friends along the way I loved
    No regrets
    I'm standing
    With a needle in my heart´´
    and because of this:´´ So everytime I scream I'm killing pain. ´´
    die_youngon April 14, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI see so that explains why he's always wearing leather.
    HungerForMoreon September 18, 2006   Link
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    General Comment@ HungerForMore - Halford is the reason why metalheads wear leather
    rustyd1on August 11, 2008   Link
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    General Comment@rustyd1: Dude, 100% correct, What i see in this song is pretty much saying he's gone through some real shit through his life (be it coming out or anything else) and hes had losses, but he's still him, the same as ever. and "the truth is like a chain" meaning in all reality its all the same, maybe shown differently but still the same.And in the song when the tempo speeds up i think hes proving just how hardcore he really/still is. and its probably just me but through the whole album it seems like he's throwing in some odd little Judas Priest references, it makes me giggle.
    HalfordBeatlesManon October 06, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationMy interpretation of this song sounds like he had a relationship with someone with Narcissist Personality Disorder . I can relate. They are like Satan, vowed to destroy you whoever you are. They are totally self absorbed creating 24/7 pain if they can . They feel no empathy or sympathy or love for anyone. You are a mere object to them. They are actors and Evil people filled with Hate .
    Feenowon November 21, 2013   Link

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