Manchester Orchestra

As led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Andy Hull, the maturity of Manchester Orchestra's songwriting belied the fact that the bandmembers were barely legal when their group sprung into existence. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, ... Read more
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Okay so it's not just indie, there's also alternative, rock, folk, and other genres but yeah. There's no theme. it's just the music i have b...
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songs to help you sleep.
if you're having trouble sleeping, give these 13 awesome songs a listen and i guarantee you you'll drift off!
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A Compilation of Folk
I made a mix for a friend of mine and was really satisfied with it and thought to post it here. Enjoy?
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Human Blanket Volume 1
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Anti Love Songs
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Kate's Slow Jams Volume 1
This is just a collection of slow jams I made for a friend that has similar music likes as I do.
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subway through the city
I created this playlist for long subway rides, but it can also be used for train journeys, long car trips and just generally waiting around.
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Tape #1
Sad Songs
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