Manchester Orchestra

As led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Andy Hull, the maturity of Manchester Orchestra's songwriting belied the fact that the bandmembers were barely legal when their group sprung into existence. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
100 Dollars15
50 Cent5
After the Scripture4
Alice and Interiors15
Alice and Interiors (Album Version)0
All That I Really Wanted1
Angel of Death0
Anne Louise7
Anything Left5
April Fool6
Are You Really Naked Under There?2
Badges and Badges9
Be Strong, Be Calm3
Bed Head0
Black Man3
Brother (Annuals cover)1
Choose You0
Colly Strings63
Do You Really Like Being Alone6
Do You Really Like Being Alone (EP Version)1
Don't Let Them See You Cry9
Don't Speak (No Doubt cover)0
Dragons and Dandilions0
Every Stone2
Everything to Nothing10
Girl Harbor4
Girl With Broken Wings16
Golden Ticket14
Goodbye To The Liars5
How I Waited15
I Am A Book, Torn9
I Am Dead For You6
I Can Barely Breathe68
I Can Feel a Hot One213
I Can Feel Your Pain18
I Could Be With Anyone0
I Know How to Speak0
I Remember That I Wanted To Kiss/Kill You2
I Think I Saw You0
I Was A Lid13
I'd Rather Have4
I've Got Friends47
In My Teeth16
It's A Lie0
It's Ok With Me9
Jimmy, He Whispers12
Keel Timing0
Lead, SD0
Leaky Breaks7
Leave It Alone2
Let It Storm0
Little Teeth that Fall Out0
Made A Quite Impressive Noise (Brain Bits On My Tie)5
Make It A Point1
Make It To Me0
Marked Unknown0
My Friend Marcus16
Never Really Been Another Way Out0
Now Is As Good As Ever0
Now That You're Home19
O Deceiver/Sink into the Sea2
Opposite Sides0
Out Of My Mind For You0
Pale Black Eye3
Play It Again, Sam! You Don't Have Any Feathers20
Please Don't Go2
Raise Up2
Repeat the Alphabet0
Sacred Heart5
See It Again3
Shake It Out27
Shake It Out (Acoustic)3
She Found A Love4
Simple Math16
Sleeper 197231
Sleeper 1972 (Live from SoHo)0
Slow to Learn15
The Alien1
The Gold5
The Grocery0
The Internet0
The Mansion0
The Maze2
The Mistake0
The Moth0
The Neighborhood Is Bleeding4
The Ocean1
The Only One14
The Other Side4
The Parts0
The Party's Over (No Children)3
The Procession6
The River17
The Silence4
The Sunshine1
The Wolf0
Tony The Tiger20
Top Notch8
Turn Out The Lights0
Untitled (Blue)0
Way Back0
When We Were Trees8
Where Have You Been68
Where Have You Been (with Kevin Divine)5
Who Is Your Humble?0
Wolves at Night22
Wolves at Night (Acoustic)0
Wolves at Night: 20
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