Loudon Wainwright III

Loudon Wainwright III grew up in the town of Bedford in wealthy Westchester County north of New York City, the son of Loudon S. Wainwright, Jr., a writer and editor at Life magazine and a direct descendant of colonial ... Read more
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4 X 100
A Father and a Son1
A Song0
A.M. World0
Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder0
After You've Gone0
April Fool's Day Morn0
B Side0
Be Careful, There's a Baby in the House0
Bein' a Dad0
Bell Bottom Pants0
Bill of Goods0
Black Uncle Remus0
Breakfast in Bed0
Cardboard Boxes0
Career Moves0
Clockwork Chartreuse0
Come a Long Way0
Cook That Dinner, Dora0
Dead Skunk4
Dilated To Meet You0
Down Drinking At The Bar0
Dump the Dog0
East Indian Princess0
Excuse Me0
Fame and Wealth0
Fear with Flying0
Final Exam0
Five Years Old0
Four Is a Magic Number0
Four Mirrors0
Glad to See You've Got Religion0
Golfin' Blues0
Good Ship Venus0
Grey in L.A.2
Grown Man0
Happy Birthday, Elvis0
Hard Day on the Planet0
Harry's Wall0
Heaven and Mud0
Hey Packy0
Hitting You0
Hollywood Hopeful0
Hometeam Crowd0
Hospital Lady0
I Am the Way0
I Can't Stand Myself0
I Don't Care0
I Know I'm Unhappy/Suicide Song/Glenville Ree (Medley)0
I Wish I Was a Lesbian1
I'm Alright3
Inaugural Blues0
Kick in the Head0
Kings and Queens0
Little Ship0
Living Alone1
Me and All the Other Mothers0
Motel Blues2
Movies Are a Mother to Me 0
Mr. Ambivalent0
Mr. Guilty0
Muse Blues0
Natural Disaster0
Needless to Say0
New Paint2
Nice Guys0
Nice Jewish Girls0
Nocturnal Stumblebutt0
Not John0
Ode to a Pittsburgh0
OGM (Out-Going Message)0
Old Friend0
Old Paint0
On the Rocks (Live)0
One Man Guy0
Our Own War0
Out of This World0
Over the Hill0
Overseas Call0
Passion Play0
Penpal Blues0
Plane, Too0
Pretty Good Day0
Pretty Little Martha2
Primrose Hill0
Prince Hal's Dirge0
Reader and Advisor0
Ready or Not (So Ripe)0
Red Guitar0
Rufus Is a Tit Man2
Samson and the Warden0
Saw Your Name in the Paper0
Say That You Love Me0
School Days0
Screaming Issue0
Smokey Joe's Cafe0
So Damn Happy0
Something for Nothing0
Sometimes I Forget0
Strange Weirdos1
Suddenly It's Christmas0
Suicide Song0
Summer's Almost Over0
Surviving Twin0
Sweet Nothings0
Swimming Song9
Talking Big Apple '750
Talking New Bob Dylan0
The Acid Song0
The Back Nine0
The Drinking Song0
The End Had Begun0
The Grammy Song0
The Heckler0
The Home Stretch0
The Man Who Couldn't Cry0
The Picture0
The Swimming Song0
The World0
The [Untitled]0
This Year0
Trilogy (Circa 1967)0
Two-Song Set0
Unhappy Anniversary0
Unrequited to the Nth Degree2
Vampire Blues0
Watch Me Rock, I'm Over Thirty0
Westchester County0
What Are Families For?0
Whatever Happened to Us0
When You Leave2
White Winos3
Wine with Dinner0
Winter Song0
You Can't Fail Me Now1
You Don't Want to Know0
Your Mother and I0

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