"I, I don't have a whole lot of time
Um, OK, I'm a former employee of Area 51
I, I was let go on a medical discharge about a week ago and, and
[chokes] I've kind of been running across the country
Damn, I don't know where to start, they're
They're gonna, um, they'll triangulate on this position really soon

OK, um, um, OK
What we're thinking of as, as aliens
They're extradimensional beings
That, an earlier precursor of the, um, space program they made contact with
They are not what they claim to be
Uh, they've infiltrated a, a lot of aspects of, of, of the military establishment
Particularly the Area 51

The disasters that are coming, they, the military
I'm sorry, the government knows about them
And there's a lot of safe areas in this world that they could begin moving
The population to now. They are not!
They want those major population centers wiped out so that the few
That are left will be more easily controllable

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Faaip de Oiad Lyrics as written by Daniel Carey Adam Jones

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    General CommentLateralus more than cemented my philosophy and spiritual beliefs. The end track, even though it’s dramatic, let me know that others were thinking along the same lines. (Go Maynard!). I’m also glad that it was TOOL that brought this out. Let me try to explain how I think this all tied together

    For some, this album can be an overload. It should be. The end track brings into focus what Schism*was warning against, the peril we face if we don’t start communicating (take that as you read it). (*Very reflexive of the Tower of Babel story, where ‘god(s)’ split us up and created new ‘tongues’ and we lost (took) our global tongue / and our ability to communicate) (See Timothy Leary’s ‘How to program your Mind’) Time is truly running out. But, Parabola sewed in the beginnings of how that energy can be turned inward, heal the self first, rebirth is not some hokey Christian ceremonial dunking, but a process, then ‘spiral out’ later, as was mentioned in ‘Lateralus.’ It would be tough to explain how the end track ties the album together, but it does make complete sense if you actively participate in this inner world and work towards global peace. There are ‘forces’ working against that peace, those mems of control are everywhere.

    Yeah, I was actually writing a paper on the exact same subject(s). I know of others that love the album and it related to what we, as free thinkers, practiced and believed. It’s funny because I thought to myself, now if they had only mentioned the ‘alien/reptoid’ factor; it would have been extra icing. I about did cart wheels when this track played. It verified some of the things I had been seeing as a remote viewer and a student of the Occult. Once again, go TOOL for challenging others to think about these things, most people consider ‘junk’ or ‘new age B. S.’. If you think this was just an album, tell that to Maynard. I’m sure he’d say otherwise. But if you liked it, I did too. The end track was the ‘end game’ that made the album perfect for me. May the hairless apes win.

    dmadoneon February 06, 2002   Link
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    General CommentUmm just thought Id say Ive been on the Art Bell site, checked out their archives and found that theres no mention of the guy calling back a few days later to say it was all a hoax...

    In fact it just says that it really distressed Art a lot that someone could shut down the signal and interestingly it was before the call had ended, and has never happened before or after this incident. Meaning that realistically it HAS to be related and possibly caused by someone... spooky...
    AdSteRon June 12, 2002   Link
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    General CommentMan, oh man. Just wanted to share my terrifying experience first listening to this song...

    When I first got into Lateralus, I read about the alternate track-list (the article author called it "The Holy Gift"), that turns the album into a musical spiral. He referred to a book called "Nothing in This Book is True But It's Exactly The Way Things Are" by Bill Frissell in his discussions of sacred geometry.

    So, I got the book, and was home alone at night (of course), listening to Lateralus, and was reading up on this alternate history of the planet, and its inhabitants... and got to a chapter discussing the existence of "alien" life forms on this planet, that dwell on the frequencies of other dimensions, and for all we can perceive, might be standing in the same room as us at whatever moment. Of course just as I am reading through this paragraph, "Faaip De Oiad" is playing, and of course, the line "extra-dimensional beings" rings through my head.

    Needless to say, I freaked. Since I'm an avid synchronicity-seeker, well, let's just say... I don't believe in coicidence ;-)
    lateralixon September 13, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI've just received this email from an avid listener of C2C at the time of the broadcast, on their request I will keep their identity anonymous ***

    "Greetings "Frog"!

    I want to take this opportunity to write and clarify some apparent confusions regarding that now "classic" 1997 broadcast and it's aftermath.

    I used to be a AVID listener(EVERY NIGHT) before I subscribed to "Streamlink",so was able to catch the initial broadcast AND ALL the subsequent follow-ups too. THIS is what REALLY happened:
    1.The caller made that initial call(heard here)which was actually AUDIOTAPED and played SOME years later by Art on the air AT LEAST ONCE. It was only the BROADCAST that was mysteriously interrupted. Art spoke with the caller for MORE than is heard HERE, before he was alerted by the producer that the actual BROADCAST wasn't being received. The COMPLETE conversation I clearly remember listening to some time later. I will discuss THAT a bit later. It was during that initial conversation that Art says the word "discharged". Art was at that time STILL speaking to the caller and was questioning him ABOUT that discharge, evidently expressing DOUBT as to the veracity of the caller's claims and wanting to accentuate this to his LISTENERS, hence Art's PRONOUNCED accent on that particular word just before the broadcast cut off.

    2. About a week later, the caller RETURNED, now claiming it was all a HOAX, at which point Art sounded quite RELIEVED.

    3. About two years AFTER that initial call, the caller AGAIN returned, now claiming(in great detail)that he had been kidnapped, brainwashed and essentially been made to claim it was all a hoax,by secret agencies inside the govt.
    As you would imagine, this totally FREAKED Art(and most of the callers that night).

    4.At some point afterward(memory fails me on exactly WHEN)someone CLAIMING to be that caller AGAIN came on the phone with Art, and began a hysterical rant. Art(and most of his listeners)recognised that this caller DIDN'T sound like the same person, and Art-after exchanging a few words with him-promptly HUNG UP.

    It was revealed in the audiotape of that complete first call that the responsibility of the "Aliens" entry into our world/dimension rested squarely within the US govt. itself. The caller claimed that secret factions within our military were conducting tests(based on work that had begun with German scientists during WWII)and it was during these "tests" that a portal was opened, allowing their entry. The caller insinuated that communications were made with the "Aliens" for some time PRIOR to their actual ENTRY into OUR dimension, at that PRIOR to their entry,the US govt. was led to believe that the They were NOT a possible threat to national security.

    Since these (rightly)classic shows, several factors have come to my attention to make ME believe the caller was GENUINE, not a sham. At least one qualified expert on voice-stress analysis did a reading on that initial call, and declared publicly that he found NOTHING that led him to believe that the caller was making up ANY part of it.
    Another factor was the caller's description of those "extra dimensions" in terms that neatly fall into place with what are now called "parallel universes" or the "String Theory", which of course at the time of that broadcast(1997)the general public knew almost NOTHING about. Still ANOTHER reason I believe it's NOT a hoax is the fact that Art Bell has publicly declared he DIDN'T play any part whatsover in it, other than what was heard on-air those nights over that two year period. Art certainly has his faults(I'm NO fan of his "child bride" marriage...especially SO SOON after Ramona's demise)but I sincerely believe in his PROFESSIONAL integrity, and I think most of his listening audience DO TOO!

    Warm regards,

    PS In regard to later allegations that it was TOM GREEN who was the mystery caller, I would bet the farm that if he made ANY of the calls it was only the FOURTH:where Art and most callers DIDN'T BUY IT, and Art promptly HUNG UP on the guy!"
    Reemus55on August 04, 2009   Link
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    General CommentJesus, I bought this album yesterday and decided to listen to it the whole way through before i went to bed.

    the rest of the album passed and i sat, fascinated by the qualuty of the musicianship, then, however this track came on.

    as i lay there on my bed, in the dark, at 1 o clock in the morning i swear i nearly shat myself!
    Not only are the lyrics fuckin freaky but the musical accompaniment only serves to amplify the terror i was feeling!

    Don't ever listen to this before going to sleep as it will give u nightmares- no doubt about it!
    Vinceon February 01, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThe voice-over on this song actually came from a September 12th, 1997 call to the Art Bell radio show, which broadcasts out of Nevada and entertains the notions all sorts of extraterrestrial and conspiracy theorists. It was quite a controversial call, as the station suddenly lost its signal for about two minutes during the call. Alas, the "disoriented" gentleman heard on the song called the show back a few days later to confirm that he had pulled off a delicious hoax. His words are still quite frightening in the context of Faiip de Oiad, though, don't you think?

    From my research, the best meaning I can extract for "Faiip de Oiad" is that it is Enochian for "Voice of God." An interesting (and fitting) ending to an absolute masterpiece of an album.
    koatison February 28, 2002   Link
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    General Commentok so one time i was in my algebra class and I wasn't feeling good and my head was throbbing, so I went to rest my head on my desk and as soon as I hit the desk, I bounced out of my body and I soared up to the top of the classroom. I remember hearing white noise and seeing everybody, but no one had faces. It was like their faces was just skin or covered in something. really creepy. I later found out that I had a blood clot in my brain, which eventually dissolved(how does this happen? someone explain), and I had actually died. So I bought this cd and listened to it, and while Disposition was playing I kept thinking of how good life is. Reflection got me building up tension in my body, and Triad released it all and completed my feeling. Now it was all very subtle, only thinking about it I remember feeling this way because I was listening to the album real quietly to try and wind down to go to sleep.
    This song(I'm not even going to write its name) came on and I heard the same white noise in my out-of-body experience. I began to listen to the caller on the track, and what he was saying tied in with my thoughts of 'life is precious' and my experience with death.
    ~my own third eye~on October 22, 2008   Link
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    General CommentReminds me of the Area 51 call way back on 9/11/1997
    Tailsfan2009on July 31, 2009   Link
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    General Commentdoes anyone know what "Faaid De Oiad" means?

    i tried to look for it, but i couldn't find the translation ...
    *SoBeR~STiNKFiST*on February 08, 2002   Link
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    General Commentdmadone, that's amazing!!!

    ive done similar things with a perfect circle's "mer de noms", kind of taking it apart and finding new ways to put it back together... awesome
    Jondude11on April 27, 2002   Link

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