It’s just one in a million hearts that feel the way, the way I do x2
Am I the chrome man, am I not of great design?
Do I feel love like all of the others or this feeling only mine?
Are you my delicious game? Is it an obvious play?
I’ll eat like a lion and pretend I’m trying but we know it’s one in the same.

Am I one heartbeat away from receiving a damaging shock to my life and believing that love was a cost worth a witness and seeing a larger machine?
Fighting is futile but I can’t concede to interior beliefs that control and deplete you dismounting a love which has grown from beneath you an ancient machine.

We’re on the ground, we can’t go far,
God’s in the hands, as in their hearts,
A poison brain, pass through the day,
Point at the frame, around the flame,
Trust is a form, and as a breed,
I will protect, you from my needs,
We can go far, sit where you stand,
And on your heart, and on your man

It’s just one, in a million hearts, that feels the way, the way I do x2

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Her Fantasy Lyrics as written by Peter Brown Matthew Dear

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    My InterpretationAs to the chorus i think it needs no explaining.
    The first paragraph I think he is just questioning himself and the design of man and his feelings of love and questioning if everyone feels the way he does . Then he asks if she is his prey or game, and that he will consume her as though he is a lion and 'pretend that he's trying' but the girls knows they are the same thing. Pretend he is trying to love her while he eats her alive.not literally.
    The second paragraph first line I think he is asking if he is only moments away from realizing that his beliefs that love was worth the cost of just witnessing, a larger machine, which i would the machine would be love? Then he goes on to say fighting is Pointless and that he cant admit that something is true or valid after first denying or resisting it (her interior thought that control and deplete her dismounting a love which has grown from beneath her, an ancient machine) I would guess that the ancient machine that has grown from beneath her, would be those interior thoughts that control her. Which has destroyed their love. I would say he is kinda blaming her in this statement.
    The Third Paragraph I get a little weaker understanding of. But i think i get the last line he is just saying that she just needs to make up her mind within her heart and pick her man, a man. And i just said his and her because its easier that way but it could easily be about a man too, basically just two people in love. No matter what love that form may take, and however debilitating it may be lol ;) is it worth the cost of a witness and seeing? ...maybe
    charliloreon April 26, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI think in this song he's basically saying that you shouldn't fall in love with him because he'll only hurt you.
    DeadMantraon January 22, 2013   Link

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