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They had a frightening desire for genocide
They wouldn't stop
Till what was left of my family died

Hell-bent on taking over the world
It couldn't hide in the shroud of conformity
We can't forget how we were devastated by the beast
And how we pleaded with our captors for release
We were hunted for no reason at all
One of the darkest times in our history

All that I have left inside
Is a soul thats filled with pride
I tell you, "never again!"
Their depraved society
Didn't end up killing me
Scream with me "never again!"
Not again

A generation that was persecuted endlessly
Exterminated by the Nazi war machine
We will remember, let the story be told
To realize how we lost our humanity
You dare to tell me that there never was a holocaust
You think that history will leave their memory lost
Another Hitler, using fear to control
You're going to fail this time, for the world to see


Around the world throughout the pages of our history
Too many souls have fallen victim to brutality
In every continent the horrors unfold
Too many lost to the cause of antipathy
Never again can we allow another genocide
We must begin the walk across the great divide
Too many people have a tale to be told
A holocaust of their own, for the world to see

All that I have left inside
Is a soul thats filled with pride
I tell you, "never again!"
Their depraved society
Didn't end up killing me
Scream with me "never again!"

For the countless souls who've died
Let our voices fill this night
Sing with me "never again!"
Oh they aren't lost you see
For the truth will live in me
Believe me "never again!"
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Aug 24, 2010
8 Meanings
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I have a LOT of trouble with lyrics . . . but like you all said, this is incredibly straight-forward. Hell, the title and the knowledge of Draiman's heritage gives it all a way. Im a little surpried that after ten years, this is the first time that they've written about this.

Back in the hay-day of the Ku Klux Klan, and before the United States entered World War 2, racism was more prevalent, and white supremacists groups enjoyed a booming membership. It's great that this is a nation of so many cultures, unfortunately the friction between clashing cultures is like pouring gasoline on the fires of racism.

Liberal civil rights movements, along with the slow process of integration have helped make racism much more unpopular. The Holocaust was one of worst things that have ever happened in the history of mankind, it shocked the world. Around the this time, part of Hitler's propaganda campaign was to display the atrocities of whites against blacks in the U.S. Around the time that T.Vs were getting to be more popular, MLK jr was conducting demonstrations of non-violent civil disobedience. Mob mentality makes people even uglier. People got a new mirror to watch themselves in, see what kind of dicks they were.

Society was changing, the KKK and other groups were being shown as the hate-mongers that they were, and still are. To maintain any kind of membership, they've had to market themselves publicly in a whole new way, they had to water down the violence. Now they spew their hatred behind closed doors and try to tell the world that all they are trying to do is "preserve their heritage". One of the big hurdles, especially for Neo-Nazi groups, is the Holocaust - an even so disgustingly horrific, it should appall most of anyone. Their solution? Deny it all happened, try to convince people that the world is run by Jews and that history is forged . . . and that your great-grandfathers are all lying about what they say, or what they went through themselves.

I participated in an online debate with one of these holocaust deniers. They're nuts, unreasonable. Any facts are information you try to through at them will be ignored. You can't argue with the truly stupid. They will defeat you with their stupidity.

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This song is about not letting the bad things happen again.

Like the holocaust. It must never happen again. This song relates to David Draiman in a personal way, too. Long before he was born, in World War 2, his grand mother was a little girl during the holocaust. David Draiman is (or was) a strict Jew, and so was his grandmother. The grandmother escaped the showers(and death) by crawling under the legs of the older folk, waiting in line for their demise.

So, this song is about preventing another holocaust, and another Hitler. It must happen Never Again.

Jesus Christ, that's heavy. The holocaust was truly terrible. :(

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Line 3) They had a frightening desire for genocide Line 4) and when they fought what was left of my family died Lines 16 and 31) Scream with me Never again Line 24) You think that history will leave the memory lost Line 41) They aren’t lost you see

some possible corrections to be made, feel free to double check and make sure they're correct corrections.

As for the meaning i believe that it's fairly obvious from the lyrics that it's about the holocaust and all the people that died in that tragic time in human history, i especially like the end "They aren't lost you see,The truth will live in me" it's a stab at the people who think the holocaust wasn't real.

"it's a stab at the people who think the holocaust wasn't real"

It wasn't real. Six million jews committed suicide in order to blame Hitler... <-- Attention Irony!!!

No, seriously, if there is really just ONE person who clearly believes that the holocaust did not exist, then this world is much more fucked up than i thought.

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@MisterComatose Beleive it or not, there really are quite a bit of people that think it never happened. I've met a couple of them, and it really frustrated me. Over 6 million people were killed in it. There's no way anyone could hide that fact.

This is a kick ass song. When I first saw the title of it, I instantly knew what it was about (I took a Holocaust Literature class in high school). It was and still is a horrible low point in human history that must never be repeated.

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Anyone else feel that this relates to Iran's president publicly denying the holocaust in recent years? These lines make me almost certain of it. It seems like its an ode to him and not just any anti-semite or person who denies the holocaust.

You dare to tell me that there never was a holocaust You think that history will leave their memory lost Another Hitler, using fear to control You're going to fail this time, for the world to see

Referring to the person as "another Hitler" makes me believe that hes addressing someone in power who uses "fear to control". Also it is someone who is recognized because the whole world will see their failure. The only person I can think of that fits this description and has denied the holocaust is Iran's president. Correct me if I'm wrong.

While I think Mahmoud Ahmadinejad certainly contributed to the inspiration of the song, Im almost convinced that the song's primary target is hate groups in Draiman's own country that deny the Holocaust. Ultimately, I think this is a criticism aimed to all racists, all people who deny the holocaust.

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It is very easy to understand, he is talking about the holocaust and what happened to us. (as an Israeli Jew i can say us) Draiman is completely saying that this kind of thing should never happen again, and we must remember it, for the sake of the dead (including my own grand-grand-parents), and the sake of our world that shouldn't happen again. there are many nations that deny the holocaust which is very bad.

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Considering the fact that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was the latest person (to my knowledge) to "deny" that there ever was a holocaust, it wouldn't be that far off to say that this song is about him. He's the President of the Islamic Repulic of Iran and was recently "re-elected" which stirred up a lot of unrest in the country due to thoughts that he probably rigged the election so he could remain in power, ie "another Hitler using fear to control." This man has made plenty of threatening statements towards Judaism. Look at his speech he made at the "World without Zionism" conference in Tehran. Once again, "another Hitler using fear to control." This man is more dangerous than most people give him credit, and since Iran is scrambling to gather up nuclear arms and trying to ready the middle east (mainly directed toward Egypt) for war with Israel, I think its a pretty fair statement to say this man is another Hitler. Genocide is still genocide, whether in action, thought, or speech, and if people continue to ignore radical men like Ahmadinejad just as many people ignored Hitler at first, the hope that the holocaust would never happen again has a pretty slim chance of succeeding.

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this post is to all songs in the album Asylum....

all the lyrics in Asylum, even Draiman said so are metaphors to the holocaust... asylum = ghetto, never again (well duh), another way to die = a metaphor that we kill each other in many ways, the infection = the nazis (the infection must die), warrior = that we are now strong and nothing such as that can happen again to us (the jews), crucified = the scientific torture a nazi (Dr. Mangle) did, my child = it talks about Korczak that attempted to save all the orphan children, innocence = that humanity has left the innocent 'phase', the animal = the anger and pain we still hold onto can unfold itself quickly if you attempt to redo the nazi mistake, serpentine = we (the jews) thought everything was good and then suddenly the holocaust started, sacrifice = showing the other side of our mind thats says that we want a sacrifice from to world to show the sorriness and to promise nothing as such will ever happen...

yes im a jew that lives in Israel... and that was proof of the metaphors.. its all about never again and about the asylum...

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Dewd, not trying to offend but not all the songs on the album are about the holocaust. David himself said so. This is the only one.

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